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2008-05-05 10:21
JT likes to keep a thin beard going and keeps his pantsula hat cocked to one side. So does M.P. JT is all about the falsetto vocals and isn’t afraid to slip some beatboxing into the mix. Neither is M.P. Justin Timberlake likes his lyrics naughty. M.P does too. The list goes on.

In that light, it’s kind of hard to take his music seriously. The cocky “Internationalude”, for instance, is a joke with a bad accent. Try saying “All you haters… I go international bitch” (as he does) anywhere in the world without getting slapped or laughed at. Impossible.
It’s also telling that the best tracks have all been produced by, you guessed it, Justin Timberlake’s producer Timbaland. Thanks to him, “Dangerous” is a pretty solid dance floor number (and a radio hit). But on the rest of the album, M.P and his gigantic production team don’t work hard enough to stand out from the pack. MP3 works as music to grope someone to in the backseat of a Suzuki, and not much else.

We want Justin. Send M.P home.

- Niel Bekker

M.Pokora (aka M.P) is French. Remember this fact, because it’s the only thing that separates him from Justin Timberlake. Apart from talent.

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