MXO - Peace of mind - Peace of Mind

2006-03-29 20:14

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"Nina", a cool song off Peace of Mind, free.

Jaunty melodies, and a laid back kind of social activism generally associated with smokers of the old peace herb, are the foundations of MXO's vibe.

Or, some of his vibes. MXO takes his influences from everywhere and anywhere. His blend of eclectic tastes results in an album packed with soul of all sorts.

He travels from US soul to Kwaito and Jo'burg hip hop. From danceable Latino to the long romantic calls of West African ballads. And there's stacks of that 70s sound, from the days when Hillbrow was briefly more of a multiracial party town than a ghetto. Peace of Mind is full of sustained brass lines, kitsch but cool "doo doo-doo" refrains, jazzed up with bursts of Fender Rhodes and synth chords, tinkles, and rhythmical close harmonies that lull you into listening.

Married to this seductive mix is a strong call for respect for women. And not just his mother - nice change there! Sure, some might find MXO's basis for respect a bit sexist because he seems to stereotype women as essentially nurturing. But with abuse of women so rampant, no sincere call for respect towards women is a wasted one.

At well over an hour, perhaps some people would say MXO's album is a little lengthy. They're right. Many the songs could do with being a lot tighter or just a bit shorter. But this CD is more sensual and sympathetic than intellectually pretentious.

It invokes that sleepy peace you feel when you've had a bit too much sun and the wind tickles your skin, and it's just great to be where you are. So put the music on, take off most of your clothes, and hang out near water (a hose pipe will do.)

- Jean Barker


The broad, somewhat experimental nature of 'Peace of Mind' is a testament to a rising SA star who is rapidly fine-tuning his voice.
- Karen Whitty for

MXO has the killer musical gift - a really deep, textured but velvety voice. He's also blessed with a real pan-African accent. He's made a very cool summer album that's exotic but African, chilled but danceable.

Linette 2004/12/01 10:10 AM
If you liked this CD If you liked this CD by MXO, you'll probably also enjoy 340ml's Moving. They're fairly different but they have the same kind of relaxed sort of vibe. Just thinking about it makes me feel like leaving work early. How dismantle an atomic bomb - U2
Linette 2004/12/10 10:17 AM
Damn! I mean to rate that 4 stars but in my excitement, I clicked the wrong button. Nana's CD sounds pretty good, based on the clips!
Stekevana 2005/04/06 3:27 PM
Great album MXO fana you the best.The album rock I did listen to it very chilled out.The is a song called Delliayla it really cool.Every song send a different message.Which I really appreciate and the fact that you are using your mother tongue to send your message will make MXO a very successful musician .I have nothing against other language I have this believe that if you talk to a man in a language he understands he will listen with his mind but if you talk to him in using his mother tongue he will listen with his heart. Bring on the Good Music Mxolisi Peace of mind
Azalea 2006/09/26 2:19 PM
Kiss me A Kisses(hidden track)& peace of mind Damm....@ last what SA music has been waitin for.I personally dig this album and have to say I listen to it everyday...It gives me the p;easure of being a TRUE XHOSA woman.The cd cover is out of this world and Mxo really has his own unique image(Dont change 4 anyone).Kiss me a kisses actually got me CRYING and took me to this world were time has no consequences...."If any mfana would say those words to me...Damm I would feel great.MXO u are a true african brotha with refined dignity,ur music really soothes my soul...big up to u mfana wom XHOSA.Sori I cant help it but I'm a true MXO fan...Nase bhu mnyameni,nase zi ntluggwini Peace of Mind...uyawu khutaza umoya wam...
Sizwe 2007/01/28 4:36 PM
Collectors item This is the best album to come out of mzansi, thank god for your musical gift & talent. I personally wish you can get more exposure.everytime i listen to the album , i just get lost in it,,,,, there is no need to skip tracks ,,,,, but the Title song stands out to the rest. The album is definetly a classic,,,, & the best part , u r using a live band. It's a great thing that we can relate to the album. Mzansi needs artist like. I give the album a big 5....peace.
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