MacAngel - Summer in Berlin - Dance from the summer before last before last

2006-03-29 18:58

If cheesy house that meanders along without any appreciable point turns you on, MacAngel's your man. And a big Mac with cheesy house IS the turn-on of choice for a lot of people, specifically MWEB members who have downloaded Mac's single "Love is the Hunter" enough times to push him to the top of our charts.

Listening to "Love is the Hunter" is an excruciating experience for anybody who had to endure the twiddly keyboards and execrable lyrics of 80s flouncerock bands like Alphaville or Howard Jones. (I made that category up. Nice, huh. Think white shirts with too many sleeves). What's with this retro rubbish that South Africans are fixated on? We're not Eurotrash, for God's sake. You have to actually BE Swedish to think that bland = sexy.

There's nothing new here, no interesting beats, no surprises. Listen to a Felix Laband album, and you're constantly being challenged, intrigued, toyed with, at the same time as being seduced by the beat. I know that's a different kind of electronica, but still - mesmerising doesn't have to be moronic.

I can imagine times where playing MacAngel might conceivably work. On headphones is not the place. Perhaps bleeding out of the window of a car racing past, or at a particularly noisy house party. But nowhere where you actually have to listen.

- Chris Roper


"...runs the gamut of dance genres, starting with a handful of dance tunes for those who still believe a whistle is essential dance gear and Alphaville are cool (lo and behold, Alphaville's Bernhard Lloyd produced the album), and then thankfully moving into somewhat more bearable territory with loungy house and even a lively kwaito track. MacAngel impresses with his range of sounds, but should rather choose one and really make something new of it.
- Riaan Wolmarans for Mail & Guardian's ZA@Play

Should anyone be forced to listen to this CD? Actually, the number of people who do so of their own accord is disturbingly high.

shani 2004/06/15 3:59 PM
nice nice
shani 2004/06/15 3:59 PM
very nice very nice
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