Mandoza - Champion

2008-03-31 17:26
His music has become repetitive and monotonous. He’s still using the same style he used on his first album and he doesn’t realize that his audience has moved on. We want something fresh and new. As usual he sings about himself and how great he is in “Vutha” and gives us yet another “Nkalakatha” and “Tornado” type of song where thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread in “Champion”. The only difference is that in this joint he encourages the youth to walk, move and think like a champion!

Then he does that annoying thing which musicians do when they’ve run out of topics to write about in “Bathengisa Iphepha” which tells the media to mind their own business and stay out of his affairs. Mandoza also sings about his kasi, Zola in “Tsotsi Yase Zola” where he introduces himself as the gangster from Zola. Why he’s only introducing himself after having produced six albums no one will ever know.

Still, the album has some lovely upbeat tunes like “Bafa Bafa”, festive season jam “Summer feat SLOVAS” and “Last Man Standing” which is actually a re-mix of the late Brenda Fassie’s “Too Late For Mama”. The only disappointing thing is that he doesn’t even credit Mabrrr for her song. Sigh.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

He surprised many South African’s by being the first kwaito artist who had a crossover appeal with Nkalakatha which was a chartbuster on both black and white radio stations. He maintained the same success with Godoba (2002) and Tornado (2003), but since then Mandoza hasn’t been getting as much airplay and with good reason.

kemisetso 2008/04/01 7:43 PM
champion one thing i've realised is that the opinon of people who review these cds don't matter. if the people like, the people will buy, it is that simple. please tell me how many units he has moved post 2003 albums and whether any of them have gone plat. radio spins don't count for all that much, numbers moved and gigs do.
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