Mandoza + Danny K - Same Difference

2006-12-06 14:39

Mandoza's a good artist. Danny K's a good artist. Combined, they're killer.

It's not just that they look so damn hot lounging around together in muscle Ts, leather jackets, white suits and silly ties in the pics on the album sleeve, drinking French champagne.

It's the music too. Their styles wrestle like perfectly matched contestants, intertwine and tussle, to make some of the fizziest, phattest pop South Africa's ever produced.

Danny K's sparklingly bright and clean RnB vocals slice through the deep rattling bass and trademark Kwaito "Ha-Ha!"s of Mandoza's roughly shouted rap, and his syncopated guitar riffs and melodic calls counterbalance Mandoza's hoarse, soulful responses. It's got the kind of electronic, battering ram punch that made Britney's "Hit Me Baby" such addictive radio fare.

The credit for awesome production (13 original tracks and two remixes) goes to a few of SA's top talents. Gabi Le Roux's distinctive pulse-racing touch dominates, with D-Rex, Guffy, Danny K. himself and various others chipping in from track to track. And it works - you've never heard anything quite like this CD before.

Same Difference is as slick, warm, and as South African as its title. If a single off this record doesn't climb the charts overseas as well as in South Africa, it'll be a grave injustice. (Of course, grave injustices are common in the music business.)

On the positive side, the various record companies involved here worked together to allow Danny and Mandoza to work together. And the result is a gorgeous soul meets afro-pop album that'll have you bouncing in your car seat before you even get to the beach. You can hear they're having as much of a jol making this music as you are partying to it.

It'd be a shame if Same Difference remained just one of SA's best kept secrets. So listen to it (clips in the box on the left), buy it, and play it to your friends.

- Jean Barker

Mandoza and Danny K are two of the cutest dudes on our music scene, also two guys with serious hitmaking talent that gets clubbers of all races, creeds, colours and musical persuasions shaking it on the dancefloor.

Carlster 2005/02/22 2:25 PM
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