Mari Michael – Droom

2009-01-29 08:18
Droom (Spirit Music)
When popping an Afrikaans gospel album into the player, the last thing you'd expect to hear is some aggressive guitar playing. One thing's for sure, you've never heard "O Heer my God" like Michael sings it. And good news is that the first track is not where this album's modern edge stops. Other traditional songs including "Die Here is my Herder" and "Ek weet Verseker" also get extreme makeovers.

However, that does not mean that this album will alienate listeners who prefer a more traditional version of gospel. Michael isn't quite pulling a Tree63 and she also sings many other slower, mellow tunes. The result is toe-tapping and vibey Afrikaans and English gospel, sung beautifully.

Another bonus about Michael is that she isn't - like so many other Afrikaans popular singers - copying what is out there, simply adding a techno beat and waiting for the cash to roll in. On many of the songs she wrote the lyrics and music herself.

And if the picture on the cover makes you think, "I know this girl!", you might be right. Michael is also an actress and most recently played the distressed Gerda, mother of a kidnapped baby, on 7de laan. Go even farther back – remember snooty American Rowena in the Leon Schuster comedy There's a Zulu on my Stoep?  - that's her!

If the Afrikaans community lives up to their reputation of supporting local talent, Michael will be a hit in no time.

Some of the songs might cause a few NG Kerk ouderlinge to choke on their hertzoggies at the after service tea, but Michael shows that Afrikaans gospel can cater for those with different music tastes.

Cedric 2009/01/30 10:27 AM
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Finally a useful review on 24. I will watch out for your reviews in future.
jansen 2009/01/30 11:26 AM
actress turned singer? hmmm, I'll have to have a listen
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