Mariah Carey - E=MC2

2008-04-30 15:40
As far as Mariah goes, the new album E=MC2 is a bit different. Her sound has been updated & “Timbafied”, if you will, into something more in tune with today’s charts.

Forget the paranoid celebrity sex tape fantasy called “Touch My Body” – the good stuff is in the middle. “I’m That Chick” is the kind of feelgood dance track that suits Mariah’s velvety voice when it just wants to chill. She revisits her well-remembered relationship with Tommy Mottola in “Side Effects”, one of the more succesful “new sound” experiments.

Being used to the sensitive Ms Carey, it seems logical to ask where all the emotion has gone. With one exception, the record sounds like a big party album. Even the most personal lyrics are accompanied by dancy, tequila-drinking backtracks. “Side Effects” is a case in point. How did she decide that the most appropriate way to represent her personal story of a destructive relationship and its lingering consequences was with… crunk?

Which brings us to “I wish you well” – another disgusting attempt by a music superstar to frame themselves as a persecuted messiah figure and make buddies with all their religious fans. This one is full of emotion, and positively dripping with biblical lyrics and praises. More importantly, it’s nicely tucked away at the end of the album and doesn’t get in the way of “f*ck me witcha hat on” numbers like “Touch My Body” and ego-trips like “Migrate”. For sure, Mariah works with a bunch of writers & producers, all telling her what to do, and “I Wish You Well” is probably closer to her real self than the singles of E=MC2. But looking at the album as a whole, its inclusion is sneaky & manipulative at worst, and at best, well, just bad.

E=MC2 should be remembered as an album that broadened Mariah’s repertoire. As sure as the world keeps turning, she’ll keep making music, so we’ll enjoy this unexpected chapter of her career for what it is and wait for the next exciting installment with anticipation.

- Niel Bekker

Mariah Carey is bigger than ever, having just surpassed Elvis as the solo musician with the most number one singles in history.

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Nishen 2008/05/05 2:49 PM
amzing album surprisingly one of her best songs "bye bye" is missing from the review and sound clips?? this song definitely brings out the emotion.. and there's a hott remix of it with Jayz.. a certified hit.. mariah got some big names on her album as well.. young jeezy (side effects), tpain (migrate).. comparing it to other albums released recently this definitely has the quality.. with producers like JD(also working on the upcoming usher album) u can't really go wrong.. here are my fav songs: bye bye ft Jayz touch my body side effects migrate i'm that chick love story
Sean 2008/05/08 10:20 AM
Bit crap aint it? This really is Emancipated II. This album is just as bland and Mimi's voice has really gone Bye Bye. She might still have US success but the rest of the world isnt really buying her anymore. And as for reaching no1 in the charts these days. What does it mean if a song like Soulja Boy also have the same kind of success?
Kets 2008/05/08 12:32 PM
Good radio friendly album I'm sorry but I don't see how this album has broadened her reptoire at all. It is basically the same as the Emancipation of Mimi but with even slicker production and more singles that will make radio airplay. The Emancipation of Mimi as well as the album before that contained one or two religious songs... Is it really that manipulative when it is consistent and has always been a theme in some of her songs from her Christmas Album made way back in the 90's. Fact checking with wikipedia and google cvan be such a joy.
M!$TA KG 2008/09/22 6:00 PM
Awesome! This is the most fun Mariah has ever had with a record!She caters for the masses while still staying true to herself and experimenting with her playful side. I personally think it is a lot stronger than her previous Grammy-winning "Mimi" album, reason being that she's accepted her ageing and now more limited vocal ability and she keeps it simple. There are so many potential hits here. The songs are catchy and her voice still sounds as smooth as honey dripping down a velvet curtain. I would certainly recommend this slick and tasteful album to anyone who can appreciate a record-breaking diva getting a little "jiggy with it". And still doing it well.
Nkosinathi Kaptein 2008/10/22 3:50 PM
Superb album I love the song bye bye, its hit
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