Marilyn Manson - the Golden Boy of the Grotesque - The Golden Age of the Grotesque

2006-03-29 18:16

In a metal scene dominated by a conveyor belt of "boy's own" bands like Linkin Park and Deftones there are few performers with either the balls or the brains to deliver truly dangerous rock and roll. The Golden Age of Grotesque proves that as far as frighteningly flamboyant rock and rock melodrama goes, Marilyn Manson stands alone.

A sprawling carnival of grinding slabs of guitar and grotesque vocal wails saw through gargantuan electro-metal architectures carved with portentous spoken-word rasps ("Better of Two Evils"), auto-erotic S&M hymns ("Para-noir") and an entire hall of mirrors of skewered big band swing ("Doll-Dagga-Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag"). Teaming up with EBM (that's electro-body-music to the uninitiated) stalwart Tim Skold of KMFDM has clearly allowed Manson's creative juices to nourish a bracing conceptual clarity.

Make no mistake, brash anthems such as "mOBSCENE" and "Slutgarden" are tailored to get a rise out of moralists. But actually, the overt shock rock tactics of previous albums like Anti-Christ Superstar (1996) are almost entirely absent. Discarding previous obsessions with soft targets like religion and politics Marilyn emerges as an infinitely more dangerous rock 'n roll demon guiding the listener through a non stop erotic peepshow into the inner chambers of his own mind.

In interviews Manson has made no bones about his focussed desire to champion what he terms "degenerate or dangerous art". Equal parts self-referential parody and cutting creative commentary, with The Golden Age of Grotesque, Manson's obsession with vaudeville decadence results in an exhilarating affirmation of art per se.

This excellent new album from Marilyn Manson is dangerous metal with crowd pleasing flare.

Jessica 2003/06/02 3:59 PM
Miss Awesome, Stunning, a new kind of Manson - truly a new aged rock 'n roll kick %ss album. Awesome new sound effects and Manson spiced the vocals up to a astonishingly higher - more modern day level. Nothing could have made this album a bigger success. True, I am a major Manson fan - but if anybody disagrees that this is a major successful album - they have to have their minds read...(sorry-but that's my oppinion) All Manson CD's
Angry_Porra 2003/06/03 6:27 AM
Metal?!?!!?!?!?!? Hi there guys, i think whoever reviewed this album has to first review the genre they are sticking this band into! Marilyn Manson is NOT metal, its more rock/shock rock than anything else. You cannot put this band into the same category as bands like The Haunted, Megadeth, In Flames, Pantera, etc. I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson, but I am not disputing that this is not a bad album, i find it pretty hard to top Antichrist (Even though it is Manson) but seriously if you want to classify a band in the metal genre please make sure it IS a metal band. I dare you to review a REAL metal Band! Antichrist Superstar
Elmen Eberwein 2003/06/08 6:54 PM
Manson a masterfull artist I was surprice in this CD. I avoided buying his other CD because of the Satanistic overtone. But this CD is really brilliant. Manson has got something which most artist do not have. Imagination and creative brilliance. The only other artist with these attributes is Eminem. Incase anyone thinks I am a satanist. No I am not. In this CD there is no messing with Gods mind. He does not come near religion. So buy this CD if you can take to play with the bad boys. Madonna: American Life
Robert 2003/06/09 9:50 AM
Not just a pretty face Proving yet again he can write and play some pretty awesome stuff. Nice to see a change in direction to some degree, the Shock tactics used earlier on in his career were interesting, but now he has truly come into his own... :) Gutter Ballet by Savatage
gert 2006/08/01 11:18 PM
angry_porra I say hell yes to your review!!! I am no manson van bat it is sil not bad All Real Metal
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