Mark Beling - Can't Hold You Back

2007-10-04 15:22
Honestly, Can’t Hold You Back is going to surprise you, seriously. Ok not blow you away surprise, but make you smirk surprise. The production on the album is first-class. The sound quality on each track is full and rich especially on the title track which sounds like you’re listening to Ryan Adams. Well almost.

Only thing is Beling must have just been weaned off the antidepressants while he was writing these 13 weepy ballads. Even the so called up-tempo track “Runaway” is just a ballad in sheep’s clothing. Try these ultra emo lyrics on for size: “I’m a-walking in the rain, feel the hurt and I fell the pain, wishing you were here by me.” Right. Aside from such sentimentality, Can’t Hold You Back is actually quite pleasant. It’s such a tasteful mixture of pop and contemporary country that it’ll probably get nominated for a SAMA or something.

Sure it’s a little tame for the young hip set, but if you love having dinner parties and throwing back a glass of wine or two, Can’t Hold You Back will make the perfect accompaniment.

- Erica Chidi
If you have a really negative, head-in-gutter opinion of SA pop and adult contemporary music, Mark Beling should give you some hope…or more firewood.

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