Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky

2009-11-09 17:19

And he's back, like the crazy Celt he is, with this well-crafted, romantic and evocative album spoken in the voices of bandits, outlaws and gamblers, who're sold all the sins their vice-led soul desires, and who are betrayed when they least expect it.

It's a world run by robbers and thieves, in which you're best off cleaning your gun while you stop for a beer. Because we're all just travellers or highwaymen who huddle round fires at night with those we imagine are our friends.

Knopfler mixes his own distinctive vocals and guitar sound with violin, cittern, flute, whistle, accordion and upright base as well as the usual keyboards and drums. Somehow he’s combined American rock spaciousness with his foggy island roots.

Some would say it's time for him to retire, and snooze on his laurels. But instead Mark's a crazy old Scottish guy, still dancing a dirty blues jig that’s mysterious, dreamy, far from merry, and forever cool.

Mark Knopfler's had his microwave oven and his MTV for a while now, and still makes the Top 20 in Norway. Why Norway? We don't know.

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Lou 2009/11/10 9:04 PM
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Knopfler is the master. This album is very different from most of what you'd know from Dire Straits days. Celtic influences abound but with the distinct Knopfler touch that is unmistakable. Magic
Bruizer 2009/11/12 11:13 AM
Knopfler is not Scottish at all - he is a Geordie (Newcastle native) with Polish roots. Jean Barker needs to educate herself a wee bit. Kmopfler - one of the all time greats!!!!!
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