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Matt Pryor - Confidence Man

2009-03-27 12:20
Confidence Man
Judging by the glut of sincere-boy singer-songwriters hitting the shelves lately, hippie hell is the new pop! When The O.C. teenagers give each other Bright Eyes tickets as date-gifts what more proof do you need that the tide has turned inwards? Funny thing is, Matt's been around for a while, and popular culture has just revolved into position to give him a chance. Hop on before the wheel turns, guy!

So can he roll with it? Or have new guys who sound a bit like him (David Ford, and Conor Oberst) already beat him at his own game?

Well, Matt's got the odd moment of irony to give his music a passably 2009 flavour. He calls himself your "Confidence man". "Loralai" is not an innocent hero girl with flowing blonde hair - she steals his car keys. "Dear Lover" has a certain quietly menacing appeal. But he's not the most original. Nor is he scared to repeat himself. The phrase "Half in the bottle" surfaces at least twice, the first time on the banjo number "Still, there's a light" (and, I mean, banjo) and again later on, after the whole thing has started to blur - first fading into itself, then with the memories of the hundreds of perfectly acceptable but unmemorable singer-songwriter albums that have come before this, that nobody really listens to anymore.

And saying "Morn" as in "tomorrow morn" instead of "morning"? That tempts me to drown him in his own (ye olde) bongwater.

Matt Pryor is very seventies. The 10-year-old girl on the cover. The reflections of ducks and rivers. The lakeside hippie setting. Or it could be the music, with the guitar lines tracking the vocals. Or maybe it's what he's smoking.

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