Mattafix - Rhythm & Hymns

2007-12-20 16:43
They fuse their familiar dancehall aahccents, indie-rock backbeats and riffs with contributions from Zola, whose fiercely chilled raps give life to "Shake Your Limbs" and "Memories of Soweto". Chico Twala co-writes on the tastefully anthemic "Living Dafur" with Mattafix and Marlon Roudette. And these aren't the only South African connections. Many of the tracks were recorded in Jozi, or in UK studios with strong local cred.

Marlon's buoyant choirboyish vocals (if you can imagine that with a Jamaican accent), and the theme of gentle but sincere global protest link the tracks. Each song tells someone’s story - without brow-beating their apolitical trendoid target market. If you don’t listen to lyrics, you’ll still kinda like these warm but sophisticated sounds. If you do, it’s even better.

Both broader musically and delicious to absorb, this comeback from Mattafix is the opposite of a difficult second album.

- Jean Barker

The globally pop-flavoured UK duo are back, still not with a bang, but instead with an elegant, chilled collection of collaborations free from that usual patronising (and frankly, exploitative) flavour of mere musical plundering.

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