Mauro Picotto - Now Then

2007-10-17 16:33
All the tracks sound the same and not in a good way, like on a Daftpunk or Cassius album. Each song is the type of house track that clears the dance floor. Picture this, you’re at a party full out dancing to an amazing (Justice) track, it fades out and then one of Mauro Picotto’s tracks flood through the speakers and then all of sudden your feet hurt…catch my drift.

The only redeeming factor on this progressive-tech house compilation is “3 Months” which has the all compositional elements of a good Telepopmusik song but none of the finesse. People, with everyone having a laptop and access to music software like Ableton Live! and Reason, expect to hear truckloads more of this type of mediocre dance music. When in doubt reach for classics like Cassius’s “My Feelings For You” Daftpunk’s “High Life.”

- Erica Chidi
Mauro Picotto’s Now Then is synthetic monotony. The album has an icky plastic feel to it, everything from the samples to the voiceovers just seems over processed, fake and soulless.

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