Meet Nana - Meet Nana

2006-03-29 19:21

Nana's strange, deep and African-accented voice huskily fuses diverse influences to make 17 gorgeous, bouncy R&B tracks. Funky 70s soul sounds, modern R&B acoustics and persistent strains of township pop energy blend beautifully on this debut album.

Nana's knack for borderless hit making is clear from track one. But by Track 4's gorgeous morning-after lament, "Wild thang!", you'll begin to realise her full power. This is an R&B album, after all, so you're expecting to be bored a quarter of the way through the set. Not this time - Spanish flavoured "Wanna Hold u" ups the momentum, and her set peaks with the run-on lines of "Take Me". She cheekily adds a dash of barbershop style on the intro to "My Many Demons" (and gets away with it) then miraculously slides into the seductive R&B jam of "I Can't Wait"... In Nana's hands, every tool works.

Vocally, Nana sounds a bit like Macy Gray (check out the clips on the left hand side of this page to hear for yourself). But the subtlety of Nana's vocal inflection makes her much more interesting. And why labour the comparison? Nana's no Macy Gray copycat act. She's also no pop tart. And she's not a sell-out, doing cutesy "African" aural curios for sale to foreigners as World music.

She's the real thing. I'd bet my passport on her chances of cracking it - and I really like my passport.

- Jean Barker


"... this Swazi-born beauty has self-produced the album as well as written all the tracks. Her songs glide with sex appeal and funky rhythms and with a stunning image to boot."
- Gallo Music press release, quoted verbatum on Entertainment Africa.

Like the five loaves and two fish that the Bible tells us Jesus used to feed the 5000, Nana's CD will feed you with her funky, bountiful soul.

Elton Thindwa 2004/09/07 11:21 AM
Meet Nana Its About time sister brought us something totally unique, and I feel the Sista Nana is going places and I am gonna be the air she breaths. Break a leg!! Sipho Gumede's Best
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