Melanie C - This Time

2007-06-06 09:36
Mel C (that's Melanie to you) releases a new album of mostly self-penned or co-written tracks. With its simple melodies and synth pop sensibilities, it's not an unpleasant return... unless you like your music forgettable.

While the Spice Girls - who Mel complains continue to steal her "thunder" - were as vacuous as pop can be, they were fun. Melanie, unfortunately, is not.

The opener "Understand" could be about a relationship with a bad guy, or with a drug dealer. But despite all the pain she seems to be writing about (the pain of someone or something lost) Mel looks all cleaned up, and distinctly soapy - as in Soap Opera. Although, one sleave pic shows her in a red dress and tattoes with gelled droopies, just to be safe.

She claims the girl in her has died, that she's played the game and knows the world- that she hates herself. But rather than being touching, the sentiments seem self-pitying and off-putting, like listening to a friend who you know doesn't mean it when she says she'll never shag her abusive lover ever again. You've heard it all before, and it's irritating and depressing. Put another way, Mel's breathy attempts to sound passionate are plastic echos of Tori Amos at her least admirable.

"Carolyna" is a bad imitation of a Chilli Peppers hit. It's not that this album is BAD so much as that it's average - an average of styles, and an average of talent. Which will, undoubtedly, make it popular with radio playlisters. The problem is that if it doesn’t get more airplay than it deserves, this album will sink without a trace.

- Jean Barker
Last time Mel C released an album we were a bit mean about it. We called her "boring spice". Has anything changed?

pengyang 2007/07/03 6:04 PM
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