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Metallica - Death Magnetic

2009-02-19 08:49
F*ck that: it’s 2008 and it’s time to die. Death Magnetic summons the last traces of venom in a band that, with seven Grammies and over 100 million records sold, doesn’t have much to complain about. But death scares everyone, and maybe that is why Death Magnetic is “Just the funeral we’ve been waiting for,” as Hetfield howls so eagerly on “Cyanide”.

After a humiliating veto ruled out any guitar solos while recording St Anger, Kirk Hammet has finally been loosed to set his frets on fire. His first original solos in eleven years remind us what made Metallica irresistable at the very start of their career: a love/love relationship with speed. Bruising mosh epic “Judas Kiss”, ten-minute instrumental “Suicide & Redemption” and Justice era throwback “This Was Just Your Life” show the all the string-shredding ambition of the young Kirk that built Metallica’s thrash reputation during the 80s.
Drummer Lars Ulrich’s return to a more familiar set-up and Robert Trujillo’s tasty debut in the studio own their fair share of the new/old sound, but naturally Hetfield’s vocal performance attracts greater attention. While ineffectual as a motivator (“Broken, Beaten & Scarred”), his morbid odes to the Big Sleep in “My Apocalypse” and “Judas Kiss” find him that harder sheen that can be so hard to come by in the top income tax bracket.

For the original princes of heavy metal, Death Magnetic can yet become a wellspring of new vitality. If not and Metallica finally, finally fade to black in the grip of an endless world tour, it will be a fitting graveyard.

- Niel Bekker
Reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated. Out of touch, out of the spotlight and well out of their 30s, Metallica’s fans would be forgiven for thinking another trend-massaging “pick me!” like St Anger was on its way. St. Anger was a rehab record: James Hetfield versus the drugs, James and the inner demons, James and “The Unnamed Feeling”.

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father chaos 2008/09/25 8:24 AM
death magnetic the latest metallica album is possible the best since the master of puppets album, its got speed,solos, aggression. and any person who thinks other wise is either a pop hopper or just deaf.
Metal Mosquito 2008/09/25 8:29 AM
Metallica - Death Magnetic They rule once more!!!
Simon 2008/09/25 8:48 AM
Metallica - Death Magnetic Maybe I'm getting old, but I really didn't like the album one bit. If you are planning to buy it and are thinking of their Black Album you are thinking way way off. Its just noise from start to finish, one track sounding like the next. Metal it is, good it isnt.
Daniel 2008/09/25 9:55 AM
Death Magnetic What a bittersweet experience listening to this album! Like those that have gone before me, I became a fan in my early teens and when I did, it was all about the anger and aggression. I have always considered Metallica's music as "landmark stuff" and with DM they do not fail to deliver! Every member of this band delivers some of the best work to date and it's awesome to hear Kirk being unleashed once again to do what he does best! Still I guess that the only thing that outshines Metallica's brilliance is the conflict, tragedy and destruction that envelope their lives. I guess it is true after all that you become what you think about most..
Franco 2008/09/25 10:40 AM
death magnetic i must agree - the album sucks- i like all their previous songs, but since jason newstead left the band - it all went downhill from there - sad but true
metal mania 2008/09/25 11:30 AM
Metallica Death Magnetic You negative people better leave the best damn band ever alone - there is a reason why they sold more than 100 million albums - i`m sure franco can`t even play guitar - so shut up or prove that you are better!!!!!
Gman 2008/09/25 11:39 AM
Metallica Brilliant !! No band even comes close ,seen them play live no one plays instruments quite like them . DYE ..haters
Angela 2008/09/25 12:03 PM
Brilliant Excellent stuff....I'm very impressed, especially after St Anger which was certainly their worst album to date.
jax 2008/09/25 12:54 PM
Death Magnetic Its def not the missing link between justice and black as some crits mentioned, but i believe it is what st anger should have been! unforgiven 3 gave me goose bumps! BRILLIANT!
Cindy 2008/09/25 1:18 PM
Simon says... Simon, you, like many others, seem to think that Black was the only album they EVER made..!! Black was one of the more well-known ones, for sure, but definitely not the best they ever had...
MataHari 2008/09/25 1:44 PM
Reinvented or repeated? Sounds great! Lke Metallica does. Maybe next time they'll come up with something good AND original!
Mark 2008/09/25 3:03 PM
Metalli - F*ckin - cA I just Love MetallicA. Yeah dudes, the monster that is MetallicA is back and this album Kicks more butt than anything they've done for the past 20 years. By far their best offering since ...And Justice For All.
Kneel 2008/09/25 3:34 PM
Old School Their best album ever... well there is two. Ride the lightning and Master of Puppets. I hope this new one is good. Last time i bought a lbum of theirs was the black album which was in my opinion severly retarted. Since then I have not listened to the big M and I hope they have got it right since I always was a big fan. Motor breath is how I live my life I dont want it any other way....
Marinus 2008/09/25 5:54 PM
Back at last Oh yes, the Metal gods has awaken from their slumber, they have grinded and polished their axes.Long Live Metallica!
Werner 2008/09/25 11:00 PM
new metal i feel blessed as a 31yo fan who gave up after load(of crap) and everything after to be so pleasantly surprised by my fav high school band.ive been fcking jamming to this stuff the last 2 weeks and it's grabbed me as badly as the first time i heard fight fire with fire...awesome album i'm so happy they still have it in them... as do I!!!!
Werner 2008/09/25 11:01 PM
new metal yeah black was nothing too commercial.favourite album justice for all and then ride the was the beginning of the end..until now
Werner 2008/09/25 11:03 PM
new metal this album is so kick ass to hear those long guitar solo's after such an absence is just too much.not that its flawless but fy i'll take this above anything else the last decade
Shortest Straw 2008/09/29 3:20 PM
cant wait when i first heard Metallica was releasing another album, the first thing i thought was, "oh no, not another post black album to further ruin their name", but by the sounds of things i must get my hands on this puppy as it seems they are returning to their original sound.... going to buy this today.
Andrew 2008/09/29 8:34 PM
Quality For all those Bob Rock haters Rick Rubin seems to have done a really bad job on the production side! The songs are great! But production is awful !!! I can wait to hear the songs live...
Hannes 2008/10/04 11:33 AM
Hell Yeah! At first I was scared to buy this album, S(hi)t. Anger was a complete failure, but, Death Magnetic shows us why these guys are the kings of metal ( and always has been ). What a ride from start to finish! Well done boys!!!
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