Michael Buble - It's Time

2006-03-29 22:13

Michael sticks to Frank Sinatra's tried and tested formula of feel good swing and includes some mushy love songs on It's Time.

It is hard not to like this album, which includes some of the most enduring and greatest songs ever written. Buble delivers energetic versions of "Feeling Good" and "I've got you under my skin" in his brilliant singing voice, with his usual finesse.

Highlights of It's Time include Buble's duet with Nelly Furtado on which she abandons her usual style to slot into Buble's warm tone, and his version of Engelbert Humperdink's "Quando, Quando, Quando". This old number never sounded sexier.

Unfortunately, Michael takes a misplaced risk in including his self-penned ballad "Home". He shows promise as a songwriter but "Home" is not much more than boy band fluff targeting teenage girls and doesn't really fit the rest of the album.

On the plus side, covers of Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is" and Leon Russell's "Song for You" give a glimpse into Buble's vocal capabilities, although he doesn't stray too far from his comfort zone. He ends off the album with a rendition of Stevie Wonder's "You and I".

- Ashlin Simpson

Swinging sensation Michael Buble is back with a new album titled It's Time. His fan base will be overjoyed to find that he has no intention of weaning them what brought him fame. He's still supported by the award winning production cast that made him famous in the last two years of world tours, and he's still delivering the sentimental standards his fans adore.

Desrae McDonnell 2005/05/11 8:48 AM
Michael Buble - It's Time Fresh Sexy Incredible New Sound Absolutely
tracy 2005/05/11 9:07 AM
Michael Buble - It's Time Sexy, sassy and deffinately worth it, one of my favourites! Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive
Lynne 2005/05/11 10:33 AM
Mrs A very easy and relaxing c.d. to listen to, real unwinding stuff. Something you should really add to your music library.
Maaitjie van de Schuuf 2005/05/11 3:02 PM
LOVE THE REVIEW! Well done miss Simpson! Easy to read - to the point with a twist of Cosmo... refreshing
Suzie 2005/05/25 12:48 PM
Er... "Unfortunately, Michael takes a misplaced risk in including his self-penned ballad "Home"." You've got to be kidding, right? That number's pret-tay darn tight, chicha. Ah well, everyone's a critic. George Michael's Listen Without Prejudice
WILLA GREEN 2005/05/30 5:27 PM
COLIN 2005/07/17 11:52 PM
It's Time Need to listen to it first, please.
Jean 2005/07/18 9:50 AM
Colin - you can listen to samples here You'll see clips in the box over there on your LHSide. Click on them to hear them.
margaret 2007/11/07 11:46 AM
Its time Well done Michael. Absolutely gorgeous as usual.
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