Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart - Alfie soundtrack

2006-03-29 21:18

Many reviews of the movie have centred on whether anyone should have bothered retelling Alfie's 1966 story in a post feminist world, in a remake starring the overtly good looking Jude Law.

It's not just the movie that's changed, though, but the music as well. The original soundtrack for the old version was by jazz icon Sonny Rollins. This time it's Jagger and Stewart, who get together and forge rock songs to accompany Alfie's search (between the sheets and in the back of taxis) for meaning in life.

The result is an interesting overall sound. Mick Jagger's devilishly dark vocals shine against the stripped down, chiefly acoustic backing of simple drums and Dave Stewart's flawlessly regular guitar work. "Old habits die hard" is a strong tune. The iffy but sweet "Blind leading the blind" is classic Jagger. "Wicked time", with Joss Stone and Nadirah Seid is groovy in a preachy, "chick" way.

But an interesting sound is not enough, and a few nice tracks - even great tracks - don't make a great CD. Lame plod-along numbers outnumber the kicking tunes. The boring jam of "New York Hustle", the patently insincere "Let's make it up" and camped up rhapsody of "Darkness of your love" are just a few of the more annoying songs padding Alfie out. Jagger and Stewart mainly seem to be passing time, singing predictable tunes some kind of dreary rock pop cul de sac.

Although Alfie is probably a must-have for serious Jagger fans it's pretty forgettable stuff - nothing compared to what he can do when he's got the Stones.

- Jean Barker

Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and ex-Eurythmics' Dave Stewart collaborate on the sountrack for the remake of the classic movie Alfie, the story of a womanising cab driver with amazing powers of seduction. Well, who better to score this sountrack than hot lips Jagger? Perhaps Sonny Rollins, who did the original?

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