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Ministry Of Sound - The Annual 2010

2009-12-15 17:59
Ministry Of Sound - The Annual 2010

Featuring an astounding 60 dancefloor fillers, this 3 CD compilation boasts an irrestistible fusion of deep tech, electro, and indie, and pop sounds that will get any party buzzing until the wee hours of the morning.

Let's say its 8pm Friday night. Disc 1 gets the party going with a feast of superbly crafted tunes that are already causing havoc in clubland. A remix of Basement Jaxx's "Raindrops" is a deep tech cum electro masterpiece set to get many fans into a frenzy that's even better than the original version.

Deadmau5's "Ghosts 'N Stuff" (featuring Rob Swire) is another track you'll definitely have on repeat thanks to its cocktail of hard hitting male vocals infused with equally hard-hitting electronic sounds and a whole lot of thumping bass!.

Of course, there isn't quite a party without Dutch whizz, Fedde Le Grand who makes an appearance with "Let Me Be Real". Its awesomely arranged mixture of keyboards,electro and vocals are complimented by high-pitched electronica concoction "Time To Burn". "Free", "Killer", "Windmills" and the old classic, "What Is Love" are pretty good grooves too.

In contrast, "She Came Along", brings in the indie element to this disc, while "A Decade of Blue" has a Pop feel to it.

Did I say "Raindrops" was the leader of this dancefloor filling pack? Let me rephrase: "Don’t Let Me Down" – a keyboard, thrashing bass , keys and vocals tune - iis the definitive listen. Because there's so much ammunition on offer , it is difficult to pin-point any one as the best for the next tune may just as well be a winner.

Anyways, It's 12 midnight now, and you enter Disc 2, which continues the party on a feel-good summer party heavy vocals tip. "Heartbreaker" features American R&B star John Legend on vocals, while "Beautiful U R" features another American R&B singer, Deborah Cox, and my goodness!, does she do justice to this track.

"Stereo Flo" and "Fallin" are also crowd pullers you’ll definitely be hearing somewhere this summer because of their unique tempo complemented by female vocals. Beautiful!.

Elsewhere , "At My Best" has some old school house elements to it, while "Wicked Game" rides a cool guitar groove. And I publicly have to salute Freemasons, who seldom disappoint. On this disc, they are featured on a remix of "Hold On" and "Heartbreak". They're both grooves which reek of their trademark hard-hitting deep bass sound that's reminiscent of their classic "Love On My Mind" – a song that still haunts me to this day and is perhaps their best ever.

Enough with the Freemasons, let me snap out of it.

O.K, It is now2am. Let's introduce Disc 3 into the fray. "What’s new?", you ask. Well, not much except another fusion of Pop, heavy bass and electronic grooves.

American rapper Jermaine Dupri is featured on "Let The Bass Kick –Part 2" (Part One is on Disc1), which has a Pop cum electro tempo.

A contrast follows with "In The Air". Ah, now here's some smooth high-pitched vocals coupled with some percussion and heavy bass. But things get better and groovier. It's been a while since I've seen reputable American house producer Ron Carroll featured on compilations, and he makes a grand appearance here with "Lucky Star". It's long overdue!, A soulful deep tech cocktail at its best!

"Take Me Down" brings in some trumpet vibes to the disc, while "Catch Me when I'm Falling" follows with a fast-paced deep house element that will surely get the masses bobbing their heads, tapping their feet, and shaking what mama gave them!. "Catch me when I'm falling!,..I wanna run to you yeah!" is what the partygoers are all singing along now.

The keyboardand bass filled "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" and "Bleeding Heart" up the tempo a notch, and "Feel What You Want" does the same, while a remix of the old classic "You See the Trouble With Me" reminds us of the infancy days of house music. The track has still got the kick!

It is now 5am and the album nears the end with an electronic and heavy vocals vibes such "Take Me Away" and "Be The One", which mercilessly indicate that the party is nowhere near over!

At this point, every party fanatic would be baffled on which disc to put on repeat.

So which is the best of the three?

Frankly, it's hard to say because everyone was purposefully dished out for a particular mood, time, and setting and though I couldn't have possibly followed every single one of these annuals for the past 14 years - since I started following this series - I certainly regard this year's effort as perhaps their best compiled annual yet.


Now here’s a dance compilation series that has stood the test of time. It’s been 14 years and if this current addition - Ministry Of Sound: The Annual 2010 – is anything to go by, this series has a long way to go still, before it calls it a day.

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