Modern Talking - Remix Album

2006-03-30 09:06

Thought the gloom of the high school disco was safely in the past? Not so fast, o child of the 80s. We know there's a bubble skirt in your closet somewhere. And the record company does too. That's why they've remixed Modern Talking's big hits, just for old time's sake. And for the cash. A dental plan like these two tanned Germans have doesn't pay for itself!

Synthetic pyrotechnics, cheesy oohs and aaahs, and inanely singable choruses abound. Think ABBA on crack. Plus these remixes included modernised features, such as rap interludes. "Everybody in the house!" Unfortunately, that's exactly how it goes.

And if you ever wondered what happened to the "heartthrobbish looking guy" called Thomas, the answer is bratwurst and schnitzel possibly. He's looking rather jowly. Then again, don't we all, compared to the fresh faced things we were under all that eyeshadow and lip gloss we wore to look as much as possible like the stars of Loving?

As a special treat for fans, they've included a previously unreleased track. "Down on My Knees", which includes these jaw-dropping lyrics: "Love is a lonesome river / It's like a violin".

So, were you among the legions of Modern Talking fans? Did The Band with the Dental Plan and the Orange Tan make you all gooey? Did you trek to Sun City to watch them effectively break the anti-apartheid cultural embargo? Could you be the child of parents whose hearts beat faster at the sight of the dishy one's picture pasted into a school diary? And was he really a woman?


- Jean Barker


"They look like escapees from Madam Tussaud's."
- Alistair Fairweather (26) (MWEB Movies Editor)

"Sexy sexy lover / I wanna be your cover" - yes, thousands and thousands of teenagers swopped spit to lyrics just like this, way back in the 80s.

Sam Wilson 2005/11/29 12:56 PM
Modern Talking I did. I even went to Sun City WEARING a bubble skirt and lip gloss, which I wiped off on many tumblers of Cinzano and Lemonade while thinking: 'Oh, look ! A live band!" I remember one of them tripped on stage. I remember thinking, "That's funny." They really were never any good, were they?
The Missionary 2005/11/30 12:18 AM
Sun City Modern Talking Okay I confess the first concert I ever went to was Modern Talking in Sun City . It was so awesome. I even have Modern Talking Greatest hits in my 1000 disc cd collection :) We were so deprived of international musicians that they were actually quite good when I was 7 . Will I buy their new album? .. Give me a break:) Parlotones - Radio Controlled Robot
Deidre 2005/11/30 9:52 AM
Ms Yup I was one of those who danced away to "youre my heart youre my soul...."until early hours of the morn!! Loved them then but buy their cd now ----don't think so!! (prefer to support my own dental account than theirs anyway) None of theirs but do recommend "Freshly ground" it's great!
Lex 2005/11/30 10:08 AM
'80's In fact, they were rather popular in Europe. Those were the days of CC Catch, Bananaramas, Bad Boys Blue...and then we had SAW Production, likes of Kylie, Jason Donovan, Rick Astley. Mmmm....those were the days. Looking back, everything looks funny (to me). It's just a 20 years long gap. Those songs were one summer wonders...I had more hair, money didn't matter and Aids was not a worry. Cheers to '80's !!! Ben Liebrand's 1987 Megamix
maria 2005/11/30 10:38 AM
remix album my husbund and i are very big fans
JJB 2005/11/30 11:31 AM
MR I am one of the younger nations. I grew up with Modern Talking in the house as it was from my parent’s era. But when thy reunited in 1998 with Back for Good I fell in love with there music all over again. I am sad that thy did split up for good. But yes I will buy the new CD Modern Talkin's Back for good
Allison K 2005/11/30 11:47 AM
MT mixed with rap? Still bubblegum pop - even with the new (I don't like) twist! Used to be crazy about them in the 80's but don't like what they have evolved into. Time to mature bros! Modern Talking's Back for Good
JdP 2005/11/30 3:22 PM
Mr Sure bopped to them in the disco era! Find it interesting how the current era are always quick to make out how stupid, "daft", silly & pretentitious the eighties were. I am so glad I grew up in the era - it was fun & carefree. It had style, zip, panache & attitude, although it may have been a bit offbeat. Far rather take that than the drugs, violence, politics & other rubbish of today. Feel sorry for today's youngsters. Up the eighties - I will buy their album. Telling how many Eighties songs are being re-done by current era artists..... Proof is in the pudding......
Shirley 2005/11/30 4:11 PM
Mrs I sure do agree with JdP. I sure did dance to it! Loved they lyrics, being a teenager.
TONI 2005/11/30 7:54 PM
Goda 2006/01/06 11:07 AM
Hey Grandpa JdP... JdP says: Mr "current era are always quick to make out how stupid, "daft", silly & pretentitious the eighties were." "it was fun & carefree. It had style, zip, panache & attitude, although it may have been a bit offbeat. Far rather take that than the drugs, violence, politics & other rubbish of today. Feel sorry for today's youngsters." Ha ha ha! Please. We had cocaine, Ronald Reagan, and Apartheid. Drugfree if you just didn't know. Carefree if you didn't care, perhaps. At least "today's youngsters" are allowed to go to the beach without the police teargassing them for being the wrong colour. Voelvry (Various Artists.) It's from the '80s too
Daantjie Badenhorst 2006/09/15 5:39 PM
Get rid of this rubbish! I must admit that I was a great Modern Talking fan when I finished school. However, three years and six albums (that was how many they recorded in that time!) later, I got so fed up I could puke. Only one song is still listenable, namely Brother Louie. All radio stations around the world had better hope this song is on a compliation album, because all Modern Talking CD's must be destroyed. I cannot believe that I was such a fool to listen to them.
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