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Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before....

2007-09-13 10:14
Funky upbeat songs of doom your kind of thing? Been hanging ever since Talking Heads split up? Danced to “Love Cats” 100 times? Bought Bright Eyes? Soft spot for Lou Reed? Arcade Fire good? If you said yes to one or more, you’re an alcoholic!

Sorry, scrap that… You’re a Modest Mouse fan. And you’ve probably been “ordering from overseas websites” for many years already.

Isaac Brock’s band isn’t scared to crank the beats, or shy of lyrical intrigue. Quirky doesn’t cover it. And all the songs keep you bouncing around to catchy melodies. But it’s their playful way with sound - the details in the arrangements – that’ll keep fans of unusual pop interested for yet another album.
Here a lot of the experimentation is contributed by a new addition the incongruously gorgeous Johnny Marr (formerly of the Smiths.) Production is rich, deep, scrunchy and addictive, but as with all the best sounds, this depth of flavor is actually achieved with a lot of imagination and minimal ingredients, all of which you can hear separately, as on the album’s highpoint “Steam Engenius”. It’s the kind of song that’s kiff in the car, and sublime on headphones.

Mind you, every Modest Mouse fan will enjoy finding their own magic moment.

- Jean Barker

Commercial, stubbornly indie, soaked in the best influences but not drowning in them. It's just one more with US indie band Modest Mouse. Staying for this round?

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