Monster Hits - Monster Hits 2004

2006-03-29 19:53

Monster Hits is the perfect title for this compilation of Gallo and EMI chart-climbers. They really are hits, and a few of them are really monstrous. There's something nice about it though - honest emptyheaded hard pop noise from start to finish - tuneful enough to sing along to and pumping enough to ensure you'll probably be panting too much to sing at all.

It's absolutely perfect music for a strip club, or for a drunken house party. It's the kind of music that might end with your neighbours wandering out of their homes in their dressing gowns waving sawn off shotguns, and threatening to call the cops on you.

Unfortunately, your neighbours might have a point, depending which song woke them up.

Some tracks are frighteningly inane. Angel City's nasal and ear-jarring "Touch me" (yes, you guessed it, "all night long"!), for instance. On the other end of the scale, there's Jentina's "Bad Ass Strippa" (think a chilled out Missy Elliot), Basement Jaxx's wild and risky "Plug it in", or Nice Cream doing "Song 2". For padding, you get a few pleasant summery jol tunes like Scent's "Up and down", or the high energy blues tones of Deep Dish's "Flash dance".

Sadly, Monster Hits is just a tad tasteless. The signs are all there: The supposedly goofy (read: irritating) cover design. The sleeve full of marketing for other compilations... to some extent, you can judge this CD by its cover.

* check out the selection of track samples from the CD (on your left) and make your own decision.

- Jean Barker

Loud, high energy pop, with plenty of Top 40 tracks - two of which are currently climbing the 5fm chart.

Lucia 2004/10/28 10:33 AM
Cds like this CDs like this are often spoiled by having a few songs you really like but then lots that you wouldn't listen to you if thought they contained the winning lottery numbers.
Jonny Boy 2004/10/28 4:37 PM
CDs like this should all have a dance remix of "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me", without the rest of the words jsut that line. Beck - Odelay
Teresa 2004/10/28 9:17 PM
Monster Hits Was not impressed with the previews!!!! No - perhaps to the odd few youngsters
ros 2004/10/29 10:59 AM
monster hits 2004 i enjoy it. there are nice songs, just a bit short. esecially freestylers' push up!!!
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