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Muse - HAARP

2009-01-13 15:34
The CD features 14 highlights from the band’s iconic performance at Wembley last year, covering a broad range of material from their still-young career.

Muse attract a lot of hyperbolic descriptions to describe their sound. On HAARP it’s clear why, from the first classical intro to the space opera finale “Take a Bow”. They are undoubtedly one of the most dramatic, urgent live acts on the modern stage.

Rampant, larger-than-life tracks like “Knights of Cydonia” and “New Born” have translated extremely well, enough to inspire waking dreams of jumping up and down in a packed Wembley. Very few others, like the pop-flavoured “Supermassive Black Hole”, disappoint somewhat versus their original recordings.
But the best bit sits neatly packed into the back of the 2-disc case: the entire concert in crisp DVD.

Skeptics of watching a “stolen” live experience at home should really give this a go. The highly stylised, expertly cut footage views not like a “second best” option, but rather like a personal communion with a historic musical event. Lekker.

You could do worse than paying for one CD and ending up with a solid live recording and over one and a half hours of brilliant video. So don’t.

- Niel Bekker

The following makes sense to me. If I own every Muse album ever recorded, why should I buy a ‘live’ CD full of old songs with inferior sound quality? Because I get a free DVD of the performance, that’s why. Oh, and Muse are absolutely fantastic live.

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