My American Heart - Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather

2008-03-12 10:45
The lyrics are confusing, but times are trying at an age when you’re not a teenager, but not quite an adult either. "The Innocent Letter" is an apt example. Trust the speed trust the night / I’ve got your hand and you’ve got / trust the speed trust the night echoes lead singer Larry Soliman. What is it that "you’ve got" Larry? Empty lines for the sake of rhythm, perhaps? Tsk.

Later, "There Are More Frightening Things…" has all the elements of a good rock song but monotonous metal-like guitar solos eventually weigh it down to a bore. The title track starts out well but ends up being all over the place, changing pace and key at inappropriate intervals, making it difficult to follow. It’s no fun to run after a song like a naughty child.
The star track - however similar to John Mayer or Jack Johnson it may be - is "Dangerous". Clean, jazzy percussion swings under a mellow guitar and Soliman’s calm, dreamy vocals. If only he’d lose those over pronounced vowels – it’s irritating. Hopefully it’s not natural, but even if it is, an accent coach could help. Hey, if you can take the Benoni out of Charlize, anything is possible. "All My Friends" follows suit with a Nora Jones-like acoustic tune to put your feet up to on the porch on Sundays.

Here you have talent grappling to be freed from youthful, yet immature ideas. Their next album could be more exciting.

- Sam Brighton

Footnote: check out guitarist Jesse Barrera’s site for more mellow, acoustic tunes. This Filipino has got some original American folk music and a close relationship with his guitar that delivers sincere songs.

Five San Diego boys all under 21 make up an odd rock band. Hanson-inspired vocals, excited rhythms and sombre, Slipknot-ish guitar solos here and there definitely add up to their 'own sound'. However, their laid back tracks show the tender and endearing side of My American Heart. Maybe the best way to come to a conclusion about this band is to play the good up against the bad.

More Rubbish 2008/03/13 4:13 PM
Rather do the sport report More idiocy from the reviewer. To think no-one but you realised that the pace and interval changes were inappropriate.
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