My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Is Dead!

2009-01-13 15:40
So for My Chemical Romance fans, The Black Parade is Dead! is a no-brainer. What, you weren’t going to buy a treffers album with that money, were you? Thought not.

Rock fans are divided on whether big arenas or tiny, intimate venues do their heroes more justice. Luckily, this live wonder not only treats you to a fireworks-and-all filmed performance in Mexico City, but also a tiny little concert in a New Jersey bar. Both performances are classic MCR – pure, fist-pumping rock drama.

It’s on the CD that Gerard Way ocasionally loses his spellbinding ability to entertain, to open up a collective teenage headspace. The rock ‘n roll suffers most: “Dead!”, “Teenagers” and “The Sharpest Lives” look just a bit tired next to their studio recordings. But when MCR slow down to perform “I Don’t Love You” & “Cancer”, the emo ballads that really speak to their audience, confidence is restored.

The Black Parade Is Dead! has an embarrassing amount of quality MCR moments packed into it. Fans, don’t let this one slip by.

- Niel Bekker
Marketing trends in the music business usually have a lot to do with hair and very little to do with consumer value. But the recent move towards double whammy live albums – a CD for your car and a DVD for your living room – is not just cool. It’s Ferrari-with-lasers cool.

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galamatias 2008/10/01 2:28 PM
i don't love you Calling all fifteen year old girls! Are Slipknot too scary for you? The Script too soft? Then here's a band with just the right amount of attitude, who throw marvellous poses while dishing out the cliches ("Hello Mexico ... now scream!") Don't worry - they play loud guitars, but they're really as sensitive as the Jonas brothers underneath. And (snigger, snigger) they even swear a bit on Teenagers! Won't your mommy be upset! When you're a little older an you can recognise an Emo fad when you are marketed one, you maywant to investigate the albums that this loots wholesale: Pink Floyd's The Wall and The Final Cut. But beware, those were made by ugly men who meant what they sang, not carefully designed angry boys.
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