My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges

2008-07-21 08:58
Evil Urges is a psychotic experiment in hillbilly, country-tinged psychedelic rock. Initial listening is a bit like encountering a hot plate when you're a toddler - you jump back in fear of its first touch, then come back for more later, but with an all round, more respectful understanding of its power. Okay, maybe not, but you get the idea?

First single "Evil Urges" has an intro that sounds eerily like a Radiohead track, but then soon morphs into something completely different. With none of their songs easily genre pigeonnholed, My Morning Jacket are experimenting with all sounds, from Bob Dylan tinged folk to electronic rock and back again.
The melancholy tambourine picked "Sec Walking" is a fragile Kenny Rogers sounding ditty. Then, in a similar vein comes the voyeuristic "Librarian" and it's narcissitic refrain: "Duck into the men's room... combing thru my hair... When god gave us mirrors he had no idea... Karen of the Carpenters - singing in the rain... Another lovely victim of the mirror's evil way". Yes, it's a sublime song about beauty and the negative influences it can have on us.

My Morning Jacket have released an album of substance and courage. This album will not only stand the test of time, but go on to populate those 'Classic Album' lists in years to come. It's a perfect serving of indie rock delight. Viva La Morning Jacket.

- Painter Jane

Although most South Africans will probably ask who the hell My Morning Jacket is, they're definitely a band worth their weight in material (no pun intended). Having released five studio albums they've steadily worked their way up into rock 'n roll fame, and shot the mainstream lights out with their latest offering.

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