Mylo - Destroy Rock 'n Roll

2006-03-30 05:59

"Mylo", as he is known, hails from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, and all that fresh air must have helped to inspire the refreshing electro beats and upbeat bass lines on his debut album. There is more than a nod to 80s pop, particularly on the massive radio hit "Drop The Pressure", and 70s funk, on the generously synthesized "Guilty of Love".

But ultimately the underlying vibe is most definitely electro, with Mylo always treating it in a variety of ways so that repetition never has a chance to dull the listening pleasure. A touch of break beat, a bit of instrumental, a dash of classic house, even a few rock beats - they're all there.

Mylo also hasn't been afraid to draw on those who have come before him. "Paris Four Hundred" is a fantastic dance track with echoes of Fatboy Slim, while "Ottos Journey" and "Soft Rock" are happily reminiscent of Daft Punk. In fact, if you've ever been a fan of either, this is required listening.

Other highlights include the heart-stoppingly beautiful vocal track "Need You Tonight", an adaptation of "Stay With Me Until Dawn" by Judie Tzuke & Paxman, and the foot-tappingly irresistible "In My Arms". While fans of "Drop The Pressure" will adore the fantastic mixing of this track into "Doctor Pressure".

Then there is the title track, which has a preacher ranting the names of rock groups and singers that must be destroyed. The list of names is sarcastically over the top (it includes Sheena Easton and Weird Al Yankovic), appearing to mock the zealots who condemn rock music and, more recently, dance music too.

Analysing the music aside, this is such a cool album. And even though it certainly has mass appeal - Sir Elton John named it his favourite album of the year - don't let any of that put you off. Mylo has crafted a treat, using an evident care and effort so lacking in a lot of dance music today.

After a long, happy day at the beach, Destroy Rock & Roll is perfect for the summer sundowners and parties that inevitably follow. Make sure you have it.

- Amanda Whitehouse

Imagine locking yourself in a room with an old Apple G4 and producing one of the year's most enjoyable dance albums. Sound doubtful? Well, that's exactly what 26-year old Myles MacInnes has done with Destroy Rock & Roll.

Greg 2005/10/24 12:12 PM
Great to finally see a review of this album - it's a gem (even if Elton John thinks so too!) PS. a note about the 80's references: 'In My Arms' samples Kim Carnes' 'Bette Davis Eyes' and the voice on the title track is a genuine preacher denouncing 80's rock (hence the often obscure references - Hall & Oates? Morris Day & The Time?). Sample-terrorists Negativland have used/manipulated the same speech. As thrilling as 'Drop The Pressure' is, it's just one of the highlights here... Tiefschwarz - 'Eat Books'
RocknRoller 2005/10/24 1:53 PM
Destroy Rock & Roll I cant believe this chap, he sits behind a computer, puts a few sounds together and calls it music. Okay, i will let that slide, but this same (talentLESS) being has the audacity to slate Rock And Roll!!! There are at least four excellent musicians in a good rock and roll band. This band can perform an hour long set in front of 1000s of people and not makee one mess-up-Without using a single computer generated sound. Now you be the judge, should we destroy Rock and Roll that has been around for generations or should we destroy something that has only been around for a decade????? DESTROY DANCE/TRANCE/HOUSE Killswitch Engage - The End Of Heartache
Jean 2005/10/24 3:30 PM
RocknRoller you have it wrong Read the interview (link at bottom of article) and the comment from Greg. You'll learn that Mylo is a big Rock 'n Roll fan, (The title is a joke) and that he works with a band live, who play their instruments. Royksopp's "The Understanding"
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