2009-04-16 16:54
And what they do is pretty cool. This album mixes up English and Afrikaans tracks, and the ladies flit effortlessly between the mediums without losing any oomph. Experience wounded hearts on "Don't Miss You" and fiery, Latin-esque vibes on "Step Right Up". Then switch moods like an adolescent with the melancholic "7 x 70" and "All That I Am". Elsewhere "Hou My Vas" is a rocking little deuntjie that encapsulates the fun and frivolity that makes NKD so loveable.

The girls aren't going to win any beauty competitions and they should seriously consider a new stylist, but what they lose in the image department they make up for on disc. With a host of endorsements from LG and GMSA amongst others, these girls are taking charge and living large.

They brave the unpredictable territory of covers with their last track, "Ray of Light". Taking on Madonna is rather ambitious and risky, but to be totally honest – I didn't even realise it was a cover until the third playback! The girls treat the song with delicate, almost ghostly voices and simple accompaniment for a sound that completely differs from Madonna’s techno-inspired original. Completely unexpectedly, it works.

On the whole this is a well produced and thought out album that will surely increase their fan base. The girls all have strong, attractive voices and the songs are relatable, catchy and cute. NKD are proud to be South Africa's top sokkie poppies. And I'm proud of them too.

Nicky, Kesha and Deidre were all former Idols contestants who joined up to give the reality show the finger and show the country what they really can do – with or without your votes.

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Cedric 2009/04/17 8:41 AM
Guess your musical taste, or lack thereof, is starting to become obvious now.
L 2009/04/17 3:06 PM
You think Lady Gaga is trash music - and you think this is good???? Can News24 please get a proper music reviewer.
Goda 2009/04/17 3:30 PM
You don't think Lady Gaga is trash? And you think Sam is saying this is good? Sounds like News24 needs some proper READERS. Sigh.
preshen govender 2009/04/20 10:00 AM
NKD is like the South African Destiny child.
Craig 2009/04/20 10:05 AM
Geez Sam, you getting from bad to worst. You obviously have very poor musical taste.
Liza 2009/04/20 1:39 PM
I agree with you Sam, they sound absolutely great!
Zack 2009/04/20 4:02 PM
Nicky is hot, and not too smart I reckon.....perfect. Who cares what they sound like. Go cheatas.
Drew 2009/04/21 7:52 AM
Their first album was great. Not so convinced with this one - not fond of dual-language albums. NKD need to decide whether they are an english or an afrikaans group.
Andre 2009/04/21 11:33 AM
Yes for goodness sake read the review properly! They are not producing music that I like or purchase, but in their niche they are doing a very good job. The production quality (which is critical for this type of genre) is actually of a very high standard.
Adrian 2009/04/21 1:28 PM
NKD suck big time!! How cheesy are their lyrics?? "You can ride my ass....Aston Martin"!!! Wahaahaaa!! Pathetic!!!
Jono 2009/04/21 1:31 PM
Actually its: "You can drive my Aston Martin" (Step right up) - Still pathetic lyrics that you might expect from a multi-millionaire rapper - not some poppies from the free state!!
Dale 2009/04/21 1:38 PM
NKD new album is awsome-they have matured so much since the last one. They are doing well on the charts-the mix with Af & Eng is gr8-cause it only the Af music that is supported in SA. Saw them live last week & they ROCK!!!
Jay 2009/04/21 2:07 PM
You get those who like their music (like me), then you get those who don't particlarly love their music but at least provide positive perspectives and then you get those who will probably always diss someone else just because they like it. Well done to NKD. You have the guts and voices to go with it! English or Afrikaans you have talent and I support our local artists!!
blah 2009/04/21 8:34 PM
Now now, why get emotional over 3 girls making cd and can sing better than you?! Seems like you want some attention then.... Anyways the way I see it, they worked hard to get where they are. And I like some of their songs, so hands up to them and keep up the good work....
Patrick Foss-Smith 2009/04/23 11:49 AM
NKD's fan base now also firmly established in England - keep 'em coming girls!
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