Nadine - This Time I Know

2009-01-09 15:10
Nadine kicks off her new effort as a love letter to Celine Dion. But before long you’ll hear echoes of Shania Twain, Faith Hill and eventually… Britney Spears? Followed by PJ Powers?

She's selling a one-stop pop solution. Nadine has mixed powerful ballads with bratty girl-pop and, of course, unapologetic treffers in a very real statement of intent to her competitors on the radio. This time she won’t hold back. This time she isn’t banking on her kunstefees fans to sell the record. This time she has a bad-ass Scandinavian backing band.
Things go a little pear-shaped when she tries channeling proudly Seffrican hits of yore in “Afrika Spore”, singing “As ek jou moet verruil / Sal ek saggies huil” earnestly, but not cleverly enough to hide its cheesiness. Much more surprising is the catchy “I Can Have You”, which turns the classy Afrikaans icon turned into a vampy sex kitten in da club. It may not enthrall her older fans but it might earn her some new ones.

Other highlights include piano rocker “Wish you were real” and her challenge to Kelly Clarkson, “I made up my mind”. The problem is that with so many writers doing her material, the real Nadine gets a little lost in between. The strong voice is always there, but we can’t believe that she’s so many different seductresses, patriots and heartbroken lovers at the same time.

The vocal proof is there for all to see: this popster is ready for bigger things than “Kaapse Draai”. Next stop: Japan?

- Niel Bekker
Something is up. There are more Scandinavian names in the sleeve notes of This Time I Know than a phonebook in Strömsholm. Someone has been saving up for an internationally produced album with all the bells and whistles. Someone has been very ambitious.

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Bianca 2008/11/26 1:58 PM
nadine she is growing up to be a real pop sensation. you go girl!
Nicolene 2008/11/26 3:51 PM
Nadine This is a fantastic cd - good job Nadine!
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