Nas - Untitled

2009-05-25 12:48
He doesn't pretend to be the high priest of the church of players and then launch a reality show proving he's all talk and isn't even allowed to eat fried chicken. He doesn't pose on his album cover with gold-plated guns acting like he still gets his hustle on in the hood when we’ve all seen his mansion on MTV Cribs.

Nas keeps it real. He lets us in on the guy behind the diamond-studded name. Sure he compromised and let The Man tell him what he can’t call his album, but n**ger gotta eat. Sure he married Kelis and all of a sudden she's rocking Victoria Beckham’s hair-do, but brother's gotta maintain.

What's refreshing about the Untitled album is his candour. He reminds us that the purpose of hip-hop is to re-instil pride in the black psyche. And that the ritual of bopping our heads is more than just a milder version of head banging your brain against your skull, it's an affirmation of black power.

In a nutshell, and in his own words on "Hero": "Can’t leave it, the game needs him. And plus the people need someone to believe in… They lookin’ for a Hero, I guess that makes me a Hero".

It’s a personal album that speaks to the side of Nas that is conscious of what it means to be black today. Preach it, preacher.

First things first: if hip-hop is dead then why is Nas still spitting rhymes? Maybe it’s because he’s not like the posers that taint the name of hip hop with unjustified vulgarity.

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Nishen 2008/07/29 12:34 PM
Amazing This is one amazing album.. Favourite songs: 1. ft keri hilson - hero 2. ft the game, chris brown - make the world go round..
Nasty Nas 2008/08/05 8:45 AM
Stillmatic This album is what modern Hip Hop should be. Nas is in top lyrical, illmatic form. It may be "untitled" to some but all tha real heads know tha Real name.
Mdu "Tha Don" 2008/08/06 12:38 PM
"The King is back" I learned a lesson from this guy......don't let people walk all over you jus because they are popular for the day, stand tall and believe in yourself, no matter where you come from.It took him time for people to He is King!
Mathekesela 2008/08/22 12:37 PM
almost classic Nasty Nas is back this line he spits On jay z song success has become even more true "Up your catalog dawg, mine's worth to much
Thatohatsi 2008/09/30 3:43 PM
Last real nigger alive No matter what they say they can't stop him now plus he loves it when they critisize him in public. Nas has been the best lyricist since illmatic. Buy "Utitled" and jurge for yourself. The best rapper alive.
bhele 2008/10/02 12:57 PM
untitled Dope
Thabang 2008/10/06 3:44 PM
N.I.G.G.E.R This a killa album no doubt...very close to illmatic.
Thabang 2008/10/06 3:46 PM
N.I.G.G.E.R This a killa album no doubt...very close to illmatic.
mongezi 2008/10/23 4:49 PM
poison `the GOD son is back and spiting poison yet again, like he said,`50 cent needs more albums under his name before he can start talking about me in his songs`. Great album...
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