Natalie Cole - Leavin’

2007-07-02 12:35
Leavin is Natalie Cole’s 20th studio album, her second album with Verve records and her first in four years. Ms Cole leaves Jazz to cover standards from pop, to rock and R&B. With a famous father as Nat King Cole, Ms Cole once again illustrates why she shares more than her father’s name and why she’ll be as ‘Unforgettable” as he was.

Leavin is 12 tracks of pure old school with a modern twist that will also surprise you. Eleven are familiar songs, but songs that you could’ve easily been quite blasé about before. Cole doesn’t jazz up the songs, but makes them her own and breathes new life into them.

Her silky, rounded and mature vocals glide in your ear and linger. Easing through the songs with superior vocal ability that leaves a wide gap between her and the young R&B wannabe divas that gyrate on our t.v screens non-stop. Ms Cole shows them how it’s done with a touch of class and some depth to boot.

The captivating “Criminal” by Fiona Apple opens the album with some funky beats followed by an infectious and flawlessly delivered "Old Man" originally done by Neil Young. Aretha Franklin fans won’t be disappointed with Natalie’s version of “Day Dreaming”.

"5 Minutes" is the one original track Ms Cole adds to seal the album with a personalised touch. A groovy tune that somehow leaves you with the notion that Miss Cole’s in love and has finally found true love. She laments on how she’s been around the world, met different kinds of people, had her fair share of heartbreaks, being stabbed in the back, crying about it, “running around with fools that are no good”, only to find that true love was just five minutes away. It’s a song that resonates with a lot of people. “Everybody’s got a story and it ain nothing new” she adds.

Dallas Austin has produced pop and R&B hit tracks for artists such as Texas (the band), Boyz II Men, Pink, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Stacie Orrico, Brand New Heavies, Anastacia, Christina Aguilera, TLC and Michael Jackson. He is the man behind this well produced and smoothly delivered production. Mr. Austin added his maestro touch and music genius to enhance Ms Cole’s new sound and revival.

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Gugu Mkhabela
If Ms Cole's going anywhere it should be to your cd player.

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luso 2007/05/28 14:54
great review! i want this album!!!
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