Natalie Imbruglia - Come to Life

2009-11-02 09:22
Come to Life

Not only staggeringly beautiful, blessed with a pair of dazzlingly blue eyes, especially crafted for selling mascara to millions of less-lucky women, Imbruglia gets to live something of a charmed life as an occasional actress whose claim to fame was starring in an Aussie soapie. And then came "Torn" essentially a cover song from some obscure band that went onto become one of the biggest hits of the late 90s and also marked the point at which anything Alanis Morissette had to say subsequently was no longer as relevant.

It's been tougher for Imbruglia to match the the enormity of her initial success, reaching another high point (creatively, at least) with White Lilies Island in 2001, which featured the blissfully beatific single "Wrong Impression". Always of a more indie bent than her female pop peers, Imbruglia charts the tub-thumping highs of energetic opener "My God" with such relish you'll want to jump in and dance along with her.

Things get a bit more sedate once Chris Martin and co pop in for a musical meander on the two (it has to be said) standouts "Lukas" and "Fun", each trying to out-pretty the other for melodic perfection, with Imbruglia's gentle croon caressing the highs and lows of love gained and lost with wisdom. The spectre of her recent divorce is especially tangible on "Fun", which takes a rather level-headed to the approach to the "we've broken up, now what" dilemma in most post-breakup songs.

The solid songwriting continues through the stripped-down intimacy of "Scars", essentially a demo version, the fiercely sexy "Cameo", a song the Sugababes would probably have killed for and even more Chris Martin, who does backing vocal duties on "Want". Power ballad "All the Roses" is another bruising high point, fuelled by regret, loss and a sense of drama that belies her shrinking violet image.

Imbruglia has always been handy with a big chorus and the type of yearning love songs that keep the music industry afloat, making Come to Life a welcome return for her – further proof that she is so much more than a ridiculously beautiful face.

Could Natalie Imbruglia be the honorary member of Coldplay we didn't know about? Two tracks from her latest album Come to Life are written by the band, who also play on the album. They even lent their producers Ken Nelson and Brian Eno to help out, with Chris Martin acting as advisor to the Aussie singer-songwriter-actress-model during the recording process. What a lucky girl.

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preshen govender 2009/11/05 8:31 AM
she is much more than a ridiculously beautiful face she also has great hair
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