Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down the Days

2006-03-29 22:17

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After her second album, White Lilies Island, was only mildly successful, the astoundingly beautiful Natalie took three years to compile Counting Down the Days. Unfortunately Natalie's beauty far outweighs her talent as a singer. But unlike the another Australian "Neighbours" actress turned pop star, Natalie's been strangely unwilling to use sex to sell records.

There isn't anything spectacular about this album, but there are some highlights. Catchy tracks like "Starting Today"," Shiver" and "Counting down the days" will have you singing along in no time.

The album is predominately about love and longing, and may be inspired by the fact that Natalie and her musician husband live on opposite ends of the globe. (Something she says she's comfortable with because it stops her "...getting too happy and writing shit songs". )

The slightly more up-tempo "Sanctuary" and "Perfectly" provide a welcome antidote to the melancholy. The strange and magical final track "Honeycomb Child" track takes a completely different direction and adds some spark to the album.

- Ashlin Simpson


"A rather nice selection of bright and breezy songs of the guitar pop persuasion."
- BBC courtesy Top of the Pops

Counting Down The Days demonstrates how the former Neighbours actress has evolved into an organic and formidable singing/songwriting talent.
- George Young for Manchester Online

"I know my music probably isn't going to matter to the public after I die" says Natalie Imbruglia during an interview with the New Zealand Herald before the release of her third album Counting Down the Days. And she's probably right. It's nice to know Natalie's not only gorgeous but also smart.

Grant 2005/05/23 9:59 AM
Counting down the days I think this is an awesome album. Far better than the last Kylie album which only sells because she shows some flesh. Music has become pathetic these days as artists use anything to cover their lack of singing ability. So Natalie Imbruglia has made an album of great sing a long catchy tunes, without smut or filthy language, and her album is rated 'unspectacular'. I think people who need to use sex and language to sell music are ' unspectacular' Natalie Imbruglia - Counting down the days
Jean B 2005/05/23 2:43 PM
Grant - on the Kylie issue Search for Kylie to see what we had to say about her. We didn't say she was spectacular, we said she was cute, and that her singing had improved a lot since she stared out ;-) But just because Natalie is well covered and a good singer doesn't make her a genius. Athlete - Tourist
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