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Nataniël - OH

2010-06-03 09:50

South-Africa’s greatest all-in-one entertainer extraordinaire, once again proves that he’s versatility personified on his latest album OH.

The album cover captures the flamboyant, shaven-domed cabaret pop kingpin camping it up a la Prince. He looks almost as skinny as the Purple One himself, but luckily not quite – the pic just shows off his great figure! The liner notes also boast a scrapbook of cabaret couture snapshots dripping with diamonds, pearls, organza, lace and beading, basically everything that spells NATANIEL. Loving it yet?

OH itself showcases many different styles ranging from musical theatre productions (“OH”) to jazzy big band jams (“10 past 9”). “Kick Me Like A Ball” is a playful pop ditty about the pressure of juggling a career and a love life, while the operatic vocal of “Standing at the Station” instantly reminds one of another camp legend, Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Having been an ambassador for Child Welfare South Africa since 2007, Nataniël also shares some insights into the hopes and fears involved in caring for a child on “Provider”. Having a few godchildren himself, Nataniël struggles with questions like “will you be safe with my protection?” and “are you learning to be better?”

And of course in true Nataniël style, he leaves nothing unsaid in “Showgirl Showboy” in which he states the following: “I’m a showgirl, I’m a showboy, that’s how I make my bed. I can’t live without the attention; I need something on my head. Give me diamonds; give me feathers or a pile of powdered hair”. Amen!

One thing that can be said of Nataniël is that he’s always stayed true to himself in his music, in his career and to himself as a person. So if you’re a fan of his music, the album is worth purchasing. If not, you should at least pop down to your nearest theatre and see Nataniël in action, you’ll get the idea.

It's an exotic sensory trip to an unknown destination. It’s a Persian feel, a Brazilian smell, an Indian taste and bold, distinctive French flair embodied: it’s the one and only Nataniël.

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