New Kids on the Block - The Block

2008-10-08 17:42
Donnie Wahlberg (Mark's older brother) reunited New Kids on the Block 24 years after the boy band first formed. And they are still calling themselves New Kids on the Block. 24 years later. Talk about setting yourself up for ridicule.

Donnie (39), Daniel (39), Joey (36), Jordan (38) and Jonathan (40) return with "The Block", 14 years after the band's last album. Two of the members have been divorced, one was clinically depressed, and one tried going solo and competed in Dancing with the Stars. They have about seven children between the five of them.
This is the boy band that, above all else, is responsible for the inception of boy band pop in the nineties, NSYNC, Take That and The Backstreet Boys. They are considered to be the "first true example of the genre". Some accolades are best concealed.

With track titles like "Big Girl Now" and lyrics like "I'm-a give you some grown man (hey)" this album may actually cause you to feel somewhat violated. The video for "Summertime" sees the "boys" dancing in sync as they did circa 1990. Even their voices have mysteriously remained youthful.

Teaming up with The Pussycat Dolls, Ne-Yo and Akon they've managed to churn a few decent tracks. "Single" and "Grown Man" are probably the best you're going get out of this album. The music industry has changed since these boys were on the scene, and this mediocre attempt at igniting a long lost career just won't cut it.

- Ashlin Simpson

Some kids grow up fast. And some kids never grow up. But they should. The Block is no longer the cool hangout spot, didn't NKOTB get the memo?

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Bra G 2008/10/10 10:59 PM
NKOTB- CAN POPSTARS AGE LIKE ROCKSTARS ? Universal Music are betting that NKOTB are going to bought for sentimental reasons by fans from days of old and hopefully that pretty boy image and excessive hype will now make way for there genuine musical ability and talent which they have. Forgive me for being so bold but I would never have teamed them up with the current generation of POP musical icons of the day such as Neo and the Pussycat Dolls- it regrettably ages them even more and whilst the idea may be good on paper - in reality the comparisons are too severe when they are side by side. I would have preferred(a humble opinion) an album where the A & R guy gave us a pure, more mature NKOTB with a hold on the hype and collaborations. My hope is that they will be revisited by lifelong fans and that new ones will at least help their Mom's download some of their catchy tunes onto Ipods when they working out on the treadmills. Peace out and remember what would life be without Music? Enjoy :)
Nishen 2008/10/14 11:50 AM
scary just the thought of NKOTB grosses me out.. rather listen to the Neyo solo version of 'Single' on his amazing album..
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