New Loud Rockets - Let's Play House

2008-02-28 10:19
Parroting The Strokes and a little Franz Ferdinand makes for an instantly relatable and recognisable sound. That being said, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. "3 Days" is a thumb-tapping-on-the-steering-wheel track that’ll probably irritate you because you can’t get it out of your head. "Analyst" is just as catchy, mostly due to repetitive motifs on bass and guitar. Seth’s vocals are muffled to mimic the band’s muses, but it’s sad because he probably has a much more powerful voice under these subdued efforts.

The EP title is apt as the New Loud Rockets have shifted sak en pak into an already saturated commune of indie-disco rockers. But how long can one band stay there before it becomes obvious that they actually have nothing new to bring to the table? There’s not much originality or inspiration here. This band has decided to wear a trusty LBD (Little Black Dress) to the indie dinner party because it’s scared to try something more daring. But when you’re competing with so many bands on so few stages, you’ve got to be a showstopper to be remembered.

Sorry, who were we talking about?

- Sam Brighton

Cape Town is breeding new bands like Levi’s churns out skinny jeans. The latest addition to the shabby chic indie-disco family is the New Loud Rockets. Let’s start with their name. It’s perturbing. Rockets are loud. But what’s so different about these new ones? Not much.

Danie 2008/03/10 12:18 PM
"Sak en pak" If they were more 'daring' you Sam B would lambast it! Vocals too forward in the mix and a little over processed. Auto tune where necessary but do it discreetly. Engineering quality not great. Needs layers and textures. Songs and band could really benefit from using a better producer / engineer. Live they probably are way better.
dyl dolittle 2008/04/14 5:07 PM
music video. what a forgettable music video too. About as interesting as ink drying up.
One Small Seed Fan 2008/04/15 4:30 PM
Dissappointed As a fan of onesmallseed, i am utterly dissappointed in their biased review of this cookie-cutter band. Surely this incestrous indie-movement will wain. Its self-perpetuating existence is disgusting. Between the Assembly, onesmallseed and MK, we are spreading a culture of mediocracy...
J Holland 2008/08/26 10:40 PM
What?! I think your review is a bit harsh. These guys put on a very entertaining live show so I know their true potential. Yes, their recording doesn't capture this so well, but why have a go at them for it They've also got a whole lot of songs that don't match this very congested indie stream of music. In fact, they put all the songs that do fit this discription on one CD. This CD was obviously meant to capture one aspect of their versatility. So they achieved what they set out to do and have been abused by big-headed people. People who think someone that is oh-so-indie would wear a black dress to an indie dinner party, after emphesising just how indie they are. come on! it least come up with sensible metaphors if you're going to be heartless. New Loud Rockets, as I have come to know them, are an amazing band with loads of potential. - Jules
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