Nianell – I know I’m Lucky

2008-12-17 16:52
I Know I'm Lucky
Her joy comes from the birth of her three children on "I know I’m lucky", being in love on "Diep in jou hart" and being optimistic about the country on "Land van Sonskyn". While quite a few recent Afrikaans tracks and albums are negative about the state of our country, Nianell’s message is all about being positive and choosing happiness.

Afrikaans listeners are also treated to five Afrikaans songs, including a duet with the Grande Dame of popular Afrikaans music, Juanita du Plessis.

Nianell may have proved herself as one of South Africa's foremost singer/songwriters, but unfortunately on this album she does not surpass, or even match the level of her previous songwriting achievements. She just can't seem to stay away from some nasty songwriting clichés. She sings "Hoog op die vlerke van 'n engel vlieg ek", "Daar's 'n huiwer in jou stap/ 'n Hartseer in jou lag", "Sadness takes the stage to my heart/ And my soul sheds a tear" and "Jou siel is in jou oë, Ek sien myself daar" to mention but a few.

Nianell often states that she hopes to write songs for international artists, but I fear we won't hear Celine Dion singing a track from I Know I'm Lucky very soon. Kudos to her for composing original, good songs, while achieving a popular following. But after this album I didn’t quite feel that lucky.

While it is hard for me to imagine how anyone could be upbeat after giving birth to triplets, when listening to Nianell you're left with one overwhelming thought: could this woman be any happier?

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