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Nick Jonas and the Administration - Who I Am

2010-03-05 10:38
Who I Am

Youngest brother of the infamous Jonas Brothers, 17-year old Nick attempts his first solo album by teaming up with, wait for it... three former members of The New Power Generation. For the unintiated, they were the sexy singer soongwriter Prince's backing band. So who wouldn't want them as a backing band? They are talented, experienced and they know each other, which constitutes all criteria needed to not be let down in a live-on-stage situation.

All of which begs the question how the hell they ended up as session musos on a teen pop star's project. But hey, maybe If I was rich and famous and I had the means, I would also acquire myself an awesome band from "".

Hearing opening track "Rose Garden" and realising it's an almost identical popped up version of John Mayer's "I don’t trust myself with loving you" creates an uneasy feeling in your gut. The concept of having an idol, or a mentor, or someone that inspires and influences you musically is fine. But trying to sound exactly like someone else is just wrong. Especially if you are only 17-years old and you dad is your manager.

"I want someone to love me, for who I am, I want someone to need me, is that so bad?" asks Nick on the over-produced title track. Well, let's say it's worth answering that question, but only if you're 12-years old. Moving on...Nick sings about typical teenage problems like first love, disappointment, confusion, figuring oneself out and...conspiracy theories!?

I have to confess, in spite of the bad lyrics and bad vocals, the backing music is something to listen to. The smooth piano melodies, warm bluesy guitar riffs, strong backing vocals and tight drumming produces a funky partying vibe.

It'd be cool to listen to instrumental versions of these tracks. Then again, if you're a Jonas junkie, who prefer poppy vocals and playfully senseless lyrics, go ahead. As they say: different strokes for different okes.

The next John Mayer? Or the wanna-be pop version of John Mayer? Who I Am consists of clichéd pop lyrics and melodic progressions that lack creativity.

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