Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist – OST

2009-02-26 08:37
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
No Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus fanatics here, instead these kids prefer to wallow in the sorrows to the sophisticated strains of Richard Hawley and country-rock band Band of Horses. For them, name-checking the indiest of indie bands and going to grimy clubs to discover new, unbesmirched-by-MTV talent holds more value than Twittering their friends into oblivion.

Nick and Norah, the star-crossed heroes of this little Manhattan-set story, meet one night and bond over mix tapes, live music and the unimaginable complexities of modern life. Nick plays in a "queercore" band called The Jerk-Offs (of which he is the only straight member) and is a bit of a geek, which in this day and age, pretty much equals hot.

The soundtrack to Nick and Norah's burgeoning romance is like rifling through your cooler, older brother's record collection that often veers into quirky territory. Devendra Banhart, The Dead 60s, We Are Scientists and Vampire Weekend certainly don't make the type of music you're likely to hear on 5FM. This is low-fi stuff, romantic and intimate and sounds like a modern update of the High Fidelity soundtrack.

But hey, if this is what the hipster kids of New York are listening to, maybe you should too.

If recent high-brow teen comedies like Norah's Infinite Playlist and Juno, and TV dramas such as The O.C. are anything to go by, thent kids today take their music really seriously.

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