Norah Jones - Feels Like Home

2007-02-27 13:13

It may be a languid sonic souffle of country, blues, folk and yes, jazz filtered flavours, yet it's no mere Come Away with Me revisited either.

It's always going to be easy to dismiss Norah's signature sultry vocal intimacy as some kind of stylised smooth jazz excursion in supper-club mood muzak. But the uncomplicated acoustic collage she sketches with her Handsome Band is never as superficially whimsical as any casual listen might suggest. For every light country massage ("In the Morning", "Toes") there's a yearning postcard from a long distance lover ("What Am I to You?"), a shimmering hand-held sigh ("Those Sweet Words") or pensive honky tonk piano ballad ("Carnival Town").

Sure, some purists are going to gripe about Norah translating Tom Waits' gritty "The Long Way Home" into a lilting western weepy. But her impressionist interpretation of cult-country outlaw Townes van Zandt's "Be Here to Love Me" and breezy bluegrass romp with Dolly Parton on "Creepin' In" proves she's blessed with some seriously authentic country chops. While her meditative reading of Duke Ellington's "Melancholia" (re-fashioned as "Don't Miss You At All") makes for breathtakingly alluring late night listening.

Miles Keylock

"Sunrise, sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes..." coos Norah Jones ever so gently on the album-opening, early morning smile of "Sunrise". It's a simple, unpretentious, okay even corny lyrical introduction, but it also seduces with its instantly familiar heart-tugging ache. No, not ache - mellifluous yawn maybe. Okay, maybe not yawn either. But you get the idea. Just don't expect Feels Like Home to induce a case of aural deja vu.

Gareth 2004/02/23 10:13 AM
Great Stuff Not one for country music but this is really great
Peter 2004/03/04 10:14 AM
I Think this is an Excellent Review I Really think this is a great, GOOD STUFF
Skyra 2004/04/23 2:02 PM
On Norah Jones' new album Liked the first album better. This one is too croony/country. Really enjoyed duet with Dolly Parton with all Dolly's signature sighs and giggles.
rodney 2004/05/13 10:16 AM
mr fair
CodeCrusader 2004/05/20 11:02 AM
Boring Fell asleep listening to this
CodeCrusader 2004/05/24 9:53 AM
Nora, My Nora Still think this CD isint her best
CodeCrusader 2004/05/27 12:17 PM
Fair .
CodeCrusader 2004/06/28 10:57 AM
Come Away with me Go away, already !!!!
shafie 2004/07/01 8:46 AM
adult none
Go Go Boy 2004/07/29 4:48 PM
I love her She is super hot and so is her music! Go Go!
Go Go Boy 2004/07/29 4:49 PM
Hot hot hot! She is too hot to handle! Go
captian 2004/07/30 9:40 AM
Look rated Good 5/10
Angelo 2004/08/02 5:10 PM
Look good ggod yeah
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