Norah Jones - Not too Late

2007-03-13 13:19
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Norah Jones would probably say that she tried to further develop and explore her unique Norah-Jones sound. She has stated that the songs on the album are "not so cut-and-dried" compared to her earlier material, and that they have a different " twist to them".

But people who didn’t enjoy her previous album would probably prefer to pass on this one, too – it just sounds too much the same. “Thinking About You” and “Until the End” feel exactly like the majority of the songs from Feels like Home.

Perhaps a slight new twist is actually discernable, but not to the extent she probably hoped it would be. Some of the songs investigate less ‘contemporary’ musical sounds by incorporating instruments like banjos and whistles or by using as few instruments as possible.

Songs such as “Sinkin’ Soon” and “Little Room” are examples of this new ‘twist’ in her music. Both songs depart slightly from her typical jazzy, piano-complemented melodies. “Sinkin’ Soon,” reminds of cabaret, while “Little Room” sounds like it was recorded in a dark, hollow cave. Nevertheless, most people will probably not even know she tried to undertake some sort of musical journey.

Interestingly, much of the new album was actually written while undertaking a physical journey. Jones wrote most of the songs while on tour in 2004 and 2005. The song, "Until the End" was written in the South Pacific, "Rosie's Lullaby" in Australia, and "The Sun Doesn't Like You" in Brazil.

Most songs were written with the help of her accoustic guitar this time round (pianos don’t make great travel companions). The dominance of the guitar over the piano is clearly audible on Not too Late. Even songs like “Broken”, “Wake me Up” and “Be my somebody” definitely introduce a country feel.

Norah Jones still has a lovely voice and plenty of talent. Her music is perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, rainy days and road trips or even for spending a quiet evening with a loved one.

Faithful fans will greedily snatch up a copy of Not Too Late; and they will enjoy it. It sounds enough like the first album for them to be satisfied with another dose of the Norah-Jones sound they have come to love. Others might prefer a valium and a G&T.

- Annel Malan

With her new record, Not Too Late Norah Jones might not be raking in the Grammy Awards, but she will still achieve enough with her new music to ensure that people don’t forget about her.

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Exodus 2007/02/28 9:47 PM
love song Yes i will. But she is the kind of beauty i want for a girl friend.
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