Not My Dog - False Dog

2006-03-30 03:59

DOWNLOAD: "Hit Radio", their new MP3, for free.

All the good SA radio presenters with a passion for music have been replaced with vacuous loudmouths who seem to be entirely indifferent to the prescribed pop pap they're told to play. This is why, as TUKS FM's Barney Simon points out, it's unlikely you'll be hearing Not My Dog's latest offering on any of the trendy FM stations any time soon - and that's a pity.

This is one Hell of a loud album, from start to finish. "False Dog" is nearly 49 minutes of uncompromising hard and heavy rock, without a single ballad or nod to commercial radio in sight. Perhaps this is because Not My Dog are confident they can prove that their thundering drums, screamed-out vocals and power guitars aren't there to hide any lack of musical ability. Despite the head-banging appeal, the album never once loses sight of the importance of melody. NMD's new vocalist, Dino Giovanoni, is almost as good at screaming into a mic as Chris Cornell - and that's really saying something.

This is also one of those rare power rock albums that don't sound boring and formulaic after the third song. NMD keep you awake and interested with clever twists and unexpected influences. A crazy jazz sound is injected into "Weak Bread"; "Agnostic" sounds like Zappa showed up for a guest guitar solo at a Led Zeppelin concert (this is a very good thing indeed), and the whole thing ends of with an excellent seven minute cover of Jimi Hendrix's "If 6 was 9", complete with drum solo.

NMD wear their hard rock influences on their sleeve. You'll hear Soundgarden and Zeppelin, but you'll also hear Zappa's preoccupation with jazz and fastidious attention to detail. And this is what sets NMD apart from the rest of the pack.

- Chris McEvoy

Not too long ago, popular music radio stations in South Africa played a bit of everything, from play list pop to experimental hardcore. Unfortunately, things have changed. This means Not My Dog are unlikely to go gold. But hard rock fans will say they deserve to.

Metalhead 2007/05/29 4:33 PM
Lame and unorigional Nothing new. It's irritating. Hit Radio is a riff all to fimiliar, the vocal style robbed from the guy of stain/nickelback/creed and the drummer so passive you can bearly hear him. Bring origional music back to SA! NEXT!
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