Now 39 - Now 39

2006-03-29 21:27

Gwen Stefani's electric "What you waiting for?" kicks off this compilation album and from the onset it's clear it's the year of the female, at least in the music world. Now 39 features 22 chart-topping tracks from a range of artists.

Everyone from Britney, U2, Ashlee Simpson to Usher and Alicia Keys to Natascha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" - the usual suspects - make it onto the CD as they have onto many others. If you already own the Grammy Nominees 2005 or Love is... then there will be duplication, though the inclusion of local acts Heinz Winckler and Rhythem Fatale (featuring Redd Angel) does make for a bit of variation.

The selection's steady pace picks up around the middle with dance beats from Ciara and Kylie and some electro from the Chemical Brothers, then slows down to Ronan Keating's haunting rendition of "Father and Son". It ends on a dramatic high with U2's "Vertigo".

The album is a well-balanced mix of hits from the latter part of 2004 with some good party tracks that should hold their lustre for the better half of 2005.

- Ashlin Simpson

(Check out selected tracks from the CD. Click the songs to listen.)

A balanced mix of genuine hits, featuring this year's hit compilation repeat offenders. Buy it if you like Top 40 radio, and if you don't have another, very similar album.

3 2005/04/04 2:32 PM
3 3
2 2005/04/04 2:32 PM
2 21
lindy 2005/04/05 4:52 PM
Now becomes then These compilations always have some great songs on them. But they'd make more sense if they were built from special futuristic materials that allowed them to change title within a month from "Now39" to "Then39." Personally, if a bands worthwhile I'll buy the album and make my own good compilation with beatmatching and all that. Chemical Brothers - Galvanize
Marieke 2005/05/12 9:52 AM
Only u Most of the songs are cool. Usher (confessions)
Mo 2005/05/12 4:21 PM
hmmm I don't know. These albums are always so lame. Mostly consist of the teeny-bopping-happy-hippy stuff that we hear every 5 minutes on the radio. There's no real music on here. But I guess the market are for the little ones Tiesto
Amy 2005/05/12 8:20 PM
Pretzl Pi is beautiful I enjoyed 'Galvanize' and the other songs - i hate Usher though, remember that Pretzl Pi is beautiful!!! Amyrtiaos Compilation 4 Dance Mix
taryn 2005/05/14 3:32 PM
LUV IT Gr8 c.d luv it for people ho luv music yes
Taryn Sanderson 2005/05/14 3:35 PM
LUVING IT luv the cd but i hate ushers "burn" i got the cd listen to it 24/7!!!!!!!! LOVE ANGEL MUSIC GWEN STEFANI
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