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2010-04-01 11:44
Now 54
1. The CD itself is a really pretty shade of turquoise.
2. The CD cover is all cute with fun shades of blue all over, turquoise and with colourful butterflies....and hey, we all love butterflies.
3. The A-list line-up of Alicia, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and more avoids the usual 'one hit wonder' syndrome of CD compilations.
4. But what if you reckon the last 53 compilations were really crap? Well, it's 54th time lucky with this one.
5. Even you will be surprised at the great selection of music on this compilation.
6. Ke$ha's "TiK ToK" is the purr-fect party starter. 
7. You can dance to every single one of the 20 tracks. Now that's what we call "hot"!
8. Lady Gaga is hot - "Bad Romance" is one of her hottest tracks.
9. Hits by Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Cheryl Cole make for a pleasurable pop threesome any guy wouldn't mind being caught in.
10. You can impress all your friends with your vast knowledge of the charts the next time you're at a Hannah Montana fancy dress party…and you'd really be considered cool.
11. You'd actually want to play most of the tracks at a party…even 5 years from now.
12. Black Eyed Peas' "Meet Me Halfway" is so damn funky it will induce anyone to dance.
13. Compilations like this save you so much time in sourcing all that awesome music for that party you're at where the DJ sucks.
14. Who wouldn't want a ready made CD filled with music that will save you a lot of bandwidth and money from downloading it…
15. ...which means you won't have to worry about resorting to illegal piracy.
16.  If you listen to the radio, you'll love the mix of pop, R&B, country, electro, hip-hop and rock.
17. These tracks may not all be classics in a few years time, but they're bound to all be on a karaoke machine at someone's party sometime soon.
18. Every song has a huge hook. Which means you can impress the crowd by singing along to all the words. And that is impressive.
19. It will make dancing when you're drunk so much more entertaining for you and for others to watch.
20. Now 54 introduces you to some funky fresh South African flavours.
21. Just listen to "Sun in My Pocket" and you'll....
22. ...hear why Locnville are SA's freshest dance pop sensations.
23. Just listen to Fairytale (Oscillations) and you'll...
24. ...hear why Liquideep are Sama nominees.
25. Now 54 also introduces you to cool new kids like Owl City....
26. and reintroduces you to not so cool kids like Chris Brown 
27. Trust us, after his bad press, he needs all the credibility (and royalties) he can get.
28. After listening to Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment", you'll know why he's a star.
29. It's the first CD in a long time that has no Disney pop tart presence.
30. Which means no Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers.
31. It's the perfect way to preview whether you want to buy an artist's album.
32. Who didn't like seeing OneRepublic live on stage in SA? Listening to "All the right moves" will bring back great swooning memories of why you do love them.
33. One word: Rihanna's "Russian Roulette". Okay, that's three, but damn this song is dangerously sexy.
34. Two words: Alicia Keys. "Doesn't Mean Anything" shows she's in a league of her own.
35. Four words – 30 Seconds to Mars.
36. No matter how hard we try to ignore him, Akon's not called the king of colabs for nothing. "Shut it down" with Pitbull proves the point.
37. And who doesn’t love Pitbull? He just knows how to get anyone and everyone in the mood to party.
38. As much as we love international hits, we just LOVE SA's biggest rock band, the Parlotones.
39. The Parlotones have been named as one of the acts to open for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Now you can hear why. 
40. What would a "Now" compilation be without the adorable country pop princess Taylor Swift?
41. No matter what she sings about, people love Taylor Swift. She's too adorable for words at times – even when she’s bashing a Jo Bro.
42. Girls wont feel left out knowing Colbie Caillat wasn’t left out on the CD.
43. Timbaland isn't past his sell-by-date. The vivacious Nelly Furtado makes "Morning after Dark" super sexy and super hot.
44. And the video is even hotter.
45. Now 54 only proves that Britney isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "3" shows she's a pop phenomenon.
46. Despite what other people might say, she really is hip and very happening (still).
47. There is no sign of any South African Idols on here.
48. This is a good thing.
49. There are none of the Season 8's American Idols on here.
50. This is an even better thing.
51. "Never Gonna Be Alone" is Nickelback's finest modern rock moment.
52. "Now" is the time to listen to these tracks. Not next week…now and only now! You'll want to play it over and over (and over) again.
53. You'll love yourself for skipping the previous 53 other "Now" compilations and buying this one.
54. For once, the compilation lives up to it's tag line "Now That's What I Call Music".

What do you think, is Now 54 still worth the price of(re)admission?

Sometimes you need that one CD that can get any party started. Here are 54 reasons why "Now 54" is actually really cool…and no, we're not kidding this time.

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