Oasis - Don't believe the truth

2007-01-11 11:28
Some people think Oasis are the greatest Britpop band working today. Others think they don't even deserve a recording contact. Whatever you think, their new album will do nothing to change your mind.

Even at the height of Oasis' fame, the only people who thought they were in any way comparable to their heroes, The Beatles, was Oasis themselves. But although everybody knew they weren't musical geniuses, for a while even jaded, cynical critics thought that they had a talent worth sharing.

But all that's changed. About two or three albums ago, depending on who you believe, Oasis somehow transformed into the Ben Afleck of rock. Suddenly, Oasis could do nothing right. Critics and former fans alike took pleasure in ridiculing their every effort. And to make matters worse, their over-confident American invasion failed to materialize, and public fights between the Gallagher brothers became about as rock 'n roll as a below average Lockhorns cartoon.

Their last album, Heathen Chemistry, was perhaps Oasis at their worst. The fact that the entire album was leaked on the internet before its official release only served to raise the question: Why anyone would take the time to steal such trash in the first place? Even loyal fans thought it was a waste of hard drive space. Many gave up on them. After all, they hadn't released a good album in decade - a lifetime in music industry years.

So understandably, hating Don't Believe the Truth is the new black. Just about every serious music publication has something derisive to say. Critics will tell you it's derivative - that Oasis have produced nothing original and have simply copied the styles of the Beatles, The Faces and several other "real" bands with far more talent than the Gallaghers deserved to even hope for. They'll tell you the songwriting is lazy and formulaic and even on first listen, you'll feel as if you've heard the album a hundred times already. And it's all true.

But why should that be a bad thing? Their derivativeness is exactly what made Oasis what they are. Either you love them or hate them for it. If you're not an Oasis fan by now, you're not going to become one. Not now, not ever. But if you are, here's the good news: Oasis are back on form, and delivering the goods that made you love them in the first place.

For the rest of you? Don't Believe the Truth gets two stars.

- Chris McEvoy


"Oasis albums have always prompted flashbacks--Was that a Beatles melody? Is that chorus on loan from T. Rex? Wait, wasn't that a Crowded House song once? But the mouthy British group's latest really sounds like a pop artifact."
- Aiden Vaziri for Amazon.com

"...the record overall is the band's most streamlined and focused in many years."
- Adrien Begrand for Popmatters

"'Don't Believe The Truth' is a big stinking pile of rubbish."
- Gareth Dobson for www.drownedinsound.com

Oasis rose to the top of the British guitar pop pile after an image makeover and a couple of great albums - Definitely Maybe and What's the Story, Morning Glory? - made them famous. They kept us entertained for years with infighting, a highly public rivalry with the more cerebral, equally Brit Pop Blur. Be Here Now, Familiar to Millions (live) and Heathen Chemistry followed, and then... silence. Until now.

j copham 2005/07/22 8:37 AM
oasis still a poor version of john lennon, you cant copy a genius, should call themselves the spiders! not even close to the beatles! no
Linette 2005/07/22 3:16 PM
Lame I thought this album was devastatingly lame but bearable. What is depressing is the thought that they managed to become international superstars by doing this.
Star 2005/07/22 8:33 PM
Don't beleive the truth You don't kow what you're talking about. Forgot a few albums? Standing on the shoulder of giants? And you call yourselves a music reviewers... Maybe you should settle for something like britney. That way both you and your bum chum could enjoy it. I bet you couldn't name a song and that you have no idea about any of their lyrics, well, thats pretty obvious. The Killers Hot Fuss
Jean Barker 2005/07/25 2:23 PM
Star - a bit of advice for you... Don't drink, smoke tic and post on web boards! Ha ha. Gorillaz - Demon Days
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