Obsessed with sex - The latest from the luscious Liz

2006-03-29 18:20

It's an intriguing question, especially when the singer in question is divorced mother Liz Phair and the "teen upstart" none other than sk8er pop princess, Avril Lavigne!

Well, the good news is that Liz Phair's latest self-titled album never quite sounds smothered by the carbon copy polished pop production that the Matrix tailored for Ms. Lavigne's chart success. Sure, the opening "Extraordinary" is a soft to almost loud 'n lyrical power pop anthem cut from the same cloth as Avril's "Complicated". And yes, the first single "Why Can't I?" is a throwaway breeze that taps into the requisite teen-friendly theme of... misunderstood love.

Yet while you can readily imagine little Avril singing for her supper on such simply structured anthems as "Favorite", Phair's lyrics reveal a far more mature, darker bent. Yes, we're talking about a string of songs obsessed with sex. "Rock Me" is a radio-ready celebration of toy boys who turn her on by playing with their Xbox, while "H.W.C." walks the line between introspective angst and folk-ish jangle pop rhapsodising the frank 'n forthright pleasures of fellatio ("Hot White Come", geddit?).

Oozing such unadulterated lyrical sass, Phair seems completely comfortable dabbling in a variety of musical settings, moving from burbling bar room rock ditties ("Sweet" and "Take a Look") to an infectious mix of jukebox friendly adult contemporary country moods ("Red Light Fever", "Good Love Never Dies"). Which is something that even makes those sugary Avril-pop moments ultimately "cool".

What the hell is a 36 year-old singer songwriter who earned her indie cool credibility way back in the early 90s on albums such as the lo-fi alt.rock of Exit in Guyville (1993) doing aping a teen upstart who could be her daughter?

goda 2003/08/27 3:58 PM
Ick. she's sold out If you're after something chicky and rocky, you're better off getting Henry Ate's latest than this disappointing and nausiatingly tuneful MOR and musically predictable collection of pop songs witha rock beat. I really liked her earlier stuff. It had a broodingness to it, and her voice is creamy creamy and stands out against the arrangements... SAD to see her sell out. Whip-Smart - also by Liz Phair
Galamatius 2003/08/28 7:59 PM
Blonde is an attitude not a hair colour Liz has not sold out, she's just cleverly playing the market. If little girls (Avril, Candice, etc.) can play sexy, Liz knows how to be sexy. Not as raw or memorable as Exile, but funky, melodic and worth the effort. Timbre - Sophie B. Hawkins
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