Oh, please, no! No! No! - Sunette: Opskop Treffers en Ander

2006-03-29 18:19

An unashamed, ready-made mix of sakkie-dans inflected rhythms cobbled together with insistently feel good lyrics the idea is to stir up an infectious and fun potjiekos of lekker liedjies - you know, to get the party started at just about any weekend braai boogie-down!

This time out fresh-faced boere-pop princess, Sunette Bridges delivers the good-time grooves careening through such memorable delights as the faux-rave guitar anthem "Hula Hoop" and the saccharine sentimental schmaltz of the "Afrikaans Kom Dans" and "Love" medleys. Yet nothing quite matches the nostalgic horror of the "Those Were the Days" medley where "Then He Kissed Me", "Knock Three Times", "Needles and Pins" and "Sugar Sugar" all get tossed into the cheesy sing-along beat mix blender. As does poor Steve Hofmeyr's "Sokkie" medley. But enough of the "opskop" what about that intriguing "en ander"?

Well, whether the karaoke-meets-muzak renditions of "Rose Garden" and "Be My Baby" actually depart from the swinging langarm formula is definitely open to debate. Her duets with Bles ("Love and Roses", "Glo in die Lewe") and the Groot 5 ("Dis My Droom") definitely do though, adding an epic, if eerily heartfelt sensibility to proceedings. Actually, it's pointless and frustrating to attempt to comment on such overwhelming low common denominator drivel as though it were a creative musical entity. It's an undisputed fact that this kind of stuff sells by the bucketload. Now that's something really worth talking about.

Can you give an album 0 Stars? ...Pity.

When it comes to idiosyncratic Afrikaans musical phenomena, it doesn't get more anthropologically bizarre than Opskop Treffers.

cris 2008/05/19 3:38 PM
Oh , please no no no ASSEBLIEF ek smeek jou moet nooit weer sing nie. Jy kan nie sing nie en slaan al ons afrikaners se naam met `n plank. HOU ONMIDDELIK OP MET SING
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