OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud

2008-04-07 17:33
Slick as a R400 haircut, you won’t find one misplaced beat or any sloppy mixing on this CD. That’s because it’s been produced by Timbaland, the bee’s knees when it comes to cutting an album. Here’s a scary thought: what would OneRepublic sound like without the pitch-perfect treatment of a major producer?

Luckily, we don’t have to answer that quite yet and instead we can listen to Ryan Tedder’s confidently strong voice (watch out Maroon 5). And there’s the secret to the success of “Apologize”, which has been played over and over on the web and the airwaves. It’s one of the best sung compositions of the year.
While “Come Home” and “Stop and Stare” may also convince you of OneRepublic’s songwriting, once you’ve heard “Apologize” and it’s nifty remix, nothing else really pushes the same buttons.

Fans of the U2 sound who are willing to suspend their judgment might want to give this a try. Hard rockers and hip-hoppers: back to your classics, guys.

- Niel Bekker

OneRepublic's latest album Dreaming Out Loud is firmly in the inspirational rock category, in the crowd-pleasing tradition of Creed and Collective Soul. It’s not cool to sing about drive-by’s and crack: personal redemption is what they're all about, evidenced by lyrics like “I get lost in the beauty, of everything I see; The world ain’t half as bad as they paint it to be.”

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Mike 2008/04/07 9:17 PM
Dreaming Out Loud The album was not produced by Timbaland - only the remix of Apologize. It was produced by Greg Wells and two of the tracks by Ryan Tedder.
Dan 2008/04/09 10:29 AM
What an idiot Your incorrect, preconceived view that it was produced by Timbaland lead you to comment on its quality without even thinking! Further, the only add-on from the original version is a slightly different groove or loop. Have you heard the original? At least your quality is inthe tradition of - piss poor!
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