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Orishas - Antidiotico

2007-08-03 12:51
It’s Orishas, a three-man Cuban hip-hop explosion who’s gritty rap attacks, syncopated sleets of sexy Spanish syllables, mean mambo melodies and riotous rumba rhythms have the New York Times rating them as world music’s finest talent and Time Magazine listing them as one of the ten best bands on the planet.

But forget the hype, all you need to know is that oRISHAS are redefining hip-hop by delivering the sex minus the misogyny and materialism, the consciousness without the preaching and the intricate musical artistry without the pretension.

What’s more they’ve made it nice ‘n easy for backpacker rap tourists by packaging it all together in a “greatest hits” anthology. If their swing-rapped makeover of the Buena Vista Social Club's "Chan Chan" ("537 Cuba") doesn’t have you booking your ticket to Cuba, then a dirty dancing hook up with Trinidadian R&B songbird Heather Headley ("Represent, Cuba") and an expatriate rap attack with Miami's Pitbull (Quein Te Dijo”) definitely will.

And if you must have some eye candy to seal the deal then shell out for the collectable DVD combo which comes boosted with eight videos shot on the streets of Havana.

- Miles Keylock

A band that takes its name from a Yoruban god, dress like body guards at a yakuza bachelor party and create the kind of hip-hop tunes that make Gnarls Barkley sound like button heads … nope, its not a new MTN ad.

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