Oskido - Church Grooves: The 7th Commandment

2009-03-07 07:01
Church Grooves: The 7th Commandment

But if God really is a DJ, why should we listen to Oskido, Hillbrow’s original superstar producer?

The Church Grooves series appears to be about two things. Firstly, it’s about starting a party in your soul, putting you in a funky place where you can commune with the Big Beyond. Also, it’s about situating South African house in an ever-changing global scene.

So, are we happy? Are we fulfilled? Is this the ill bomb, or a just-for-kids throwaway compilation?

The 7th Commandment does dispense the odd spiritual high. Bob Sinclair’s “What A Wonderful World” is uplifting, inviting and full of energy: the perfect Church Grooves track.

Local boy Cute’s extremely minimal “Mind Game” is something different altogether. While some might find it a bit claustrophobic (imagine the sound of a water drop repeating itself over and over), there’s something about a beat with purity that quietens your headspace, helps you reach that ‘spiritual’ centre that Oskido is so keen on.

The minimal theme runs thick and strong through pretty much all of the album, with the exception of Oskido’s twin R&B remixes, “Heartbreaker” & “Come Closer”. While perhaps a bit confusing in a sea of deep house, they lighten the overall mood of the 7th Commandment in that winning “I don’t take myself too seriously way”.

As a statement of intent from the South African house scene, however, this installment of Church Grooves doesn’t venture the boldest beats this side of Ibiza. Well executed, but safe, it’s a very practical addition to a house-head’s CD case, rather than any kind of exciting breakthrough record.

Church grooves: The 7th Commandment, with intro from Pastor Mbobo. It doesn’t get anymore spiritual than that.

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Maz 2009/03/08 2:17 PM
Another great mix. Oskido is still the godfather.
charles mhlanga 2009/11/01 4:33 PM
this is too hot!
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